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85% private employees stressed out

DC | 06th Apr 2013
Picture for representational purpose only.
Picture for representational purpose only.

Chennai: If the private sector companies paid their employees better than government offices, they also seem to be taxing them more for it. For, about 85 per cent  of employees in private sectors seem to be afflicted to lifestyle, chronic and acute ailments compared to a meagre 8 per cent of their government counterparts. In fact, well-heeled techies seem to be bearing the maximum brunt of work pressure.

A survey on government versus private employee health scenario released on the occasion of World Health Day has revealed that due to demanding schedules, high stress levels and performance linked perquisites in private sectors, about 42% of folks employed in private sector were afflicted with lifestyle diseases, followed by 38% suffering from chronic diseases and 15% to having an acute ailment.

The survey that targeted private employees from 18 broad sectors found the IT folks to be suffering from maximum stress (17 per cent). Mumbai ranks first afflicted to high levels of stress in private sector followed by Delhi, Ahem­da­bad, Chandigarh, Hyde­ra­bad, Kolkata and Che­nnai.

Nearly 45 per cent of  corporate employees in private sector sleep less than six hours on a daily basis due to work related pressure, the survey noted. Sleep disorders have wide-ranging effects including daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, psychological stress, performance deterioration, low pain threshold and increase absenteeism, said health experts.

“Rising cases of marital disputes and aberration in relationships are also contributed to high level of stress as reflected in incr­e­a­sed serious health problems”, said Dr B. K. Rao, ch­airman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Assocham He­alth Committee.

The findings on government employees reveal ve­ry positive features ranging from reasonably good he­al­th, family stability and cordial relationship with su­p­port from many governme­nt healthcare schemes coupled with pension benefits.

While only 10% of employees in private sector having medical insurance, “there is due compensation for increased inflation by way of dearness allowance to government employees,” said Assocham secretary general D.S. Rawat. 



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Orange's picture
by Orange (not verified) on
More exceptions ,more salary, more working hours and more sickness like life style sickness. The ultimate beneficiary is Doctors and insurance companies plus give good amount as taxes to govt. if you are done no body will help even there no social benefits from govt like pensions medical support after premature or normal retirement.. Live till you have some thing to spend and/or look towards sky for last journey......Amen.
by K.RAMASUBRAMANIAN (not verified) on
Samrat Ganguly's picture
by Samrat Ganguly (not verified) on
Very correct survey. The never ending rat race is on. Greed is not Good, but Pvt companies believes different. For them a decline in profit is a loss. Not sure, where this greedy capitalism take us all?
Bir Singh Yadav's picture
by Bir Singh Yadav (not verified) on
Govt department has actively colluded with private players in making employees of private sector extremely vulnerable to whims and fancies of their masters. I know a media house which doesn't give even weekly off to its employees.
PrivateEmployee's picture
by PrivateEmployee (not verified) on
One of the reasons is also that people in government sectors hardly work as they dont see themseleves loosing their job in any case. That's why they dont bother to give their 100% office time in doing their work and when you don't work and keep yourself free of all tensions, how can you develop any kind of stress. If a person working in private sector does a work in 1 hour, the same work can be expected to be done by a government employee in literally....x hours,days, months, years....or it is also possible that it may not be done at all.
Govt. employee's picture
by Govt. employee (not verified) on
You are quite amateur. There is work in govt. department also but limited one. yes,we have work timings of 9am to 5pm with sat/sun off. its true we come late to office usually around 10am but once we start our work we do it dilligently. apart from 1 hour lunch break we work till 5pm. and if we work after 5 we get overtime allowance. life in a govt. dept is tension free because unlike private sector govt. is not mad about profit. There is less pressure on us. in govt. sector. That is why we dont take tension and for capacity of our work when compared to private sector is almost same. if they can do a work in 1 hour we can also do the same. but our focus is not on doing work quickly. it is on doing work correctly and in a procedural manner. you can say that we work slowly due to our procedures but the thing is it puts less pressure on us and we enjoy our job. Actually in my case i love to go to my office and work there because it is such a happy environment there, you can take advice from your seniors and they will not tell things in a hurry because we have a lot of time in our hands.That is why the quality of life is better in govt. department
Tanu Bis's picture
by Tanu Bis (not verified) on
Very true....I also a private sector employee, but whenever I think of shifting to govt. job everytime I get stuck at one place, i.e. there is no challange in govt. jobs, atleast you can always choose to ignore the chalanges....work environment is very laidback, its like nobody is interested to do their job.... Both govt. and private sector jobs are 2 extremes.....in private sector people always over-work....in govt. jobs people(mostly, not all) hardly work.... :-)....there is no balance anywhere.....
Blue 's picture
by Blue (not verified) on
Now It's a myth that private employees are better paid then Govt. sector. very handful pvt. organisations are there offering better salary then Govt., & regarding DA,Medical,TA and other benefits.. god knows the truth.
RR's picture
by RR (not verified) on
So true! Private sector generally paying better than the Govt sector is a huge myth now! Very few companies in the private sector pay well now, that too only at selected levels. An average employee in the private sector has to work and work, without much returns, and always under the fear and stress of losing his job any moment! I see many entry level and middle level employees working from 8 am till 11 pm, or more, and even on Sundays and other holidays! For working you don't always have to be in office, even at home you could be working on emails, phones etc! Then see the no. of holidays they have in the Govt sector, the way they can survive without any accountability or efficiency and the job security they have! An average Private sector employee is in a pitiable state now!
dr.g.balkrishnan's picture
by dr.g.balkrishnan (not verified) on
i fully agree, stress is a product when you are forced to do more job than you willingly do!
Delhi IT's picture
by Delhi IT (not verified) on
none of the pvt sector is paying better than Govt paying to there employees. only the higher management in pvt sector would be having a competitive salary to govt salary band. "Murda hi janta hai kabra ki halat"...god knows the truth.
SUDHEER R's picture
by SUDHEER R (not verified) on
In Hyderabad , DELOITTE is one of the worst companies . They regularly make their employees work extended hours and pay very little . If any employee opens his/her mouth they are immediately fired.
Deep Blue's picture
by Deep Blue (not verified) on
Agree with Blue's comments. It is really a myth that the private sector pays better. In reality they should be as the risk is higher but in practice don't. And if you consider the pension benefits that the Govt gives, the inflation linked not market situation linked pay increases for the Govt sector and the certainty of tenure, there in no way the private sector guys are paid more. Maybe the top guys in private sector organizations but the rest-including the software sector are not paid the way it is made out to be.
yp 's picture
by yp (not verified) on
the human body is a limited machine why do these companies NOT understand this simple fact is mind boggling.
Khan-1's picture
by Khan-1 (not verified) on
When Private sector increases the salary then salary always goes to higher tax band and whatever private sector increasing it goes to the tax, Theoretically our salary is increasing...........but practical do not. In government sector the salary is not fixed....Its variable... Every one knows...:)
sundar prema's picture
by sundar prema (not verified) on
Mr. A said-My father's office closes at 5 pm and he reaches home by 6 pm. Mr. B boasted-That's not great. My father's office is over by 5.30 pm and he reaches home by 6 pm. Mr. C retorted-That's nothing. My father's office closes at 5 pm and he reaches home by 4.15 pm. The first two guys surprised and asked Mr. C, how is that possible and Mr. C proudly replied, "My dad works in a government office".
Ajith N's picture
by Ajith N (not verified) on
Well, the reason why government officials are less stressful is because they work only for 2 hours in a day. The remaining hours are split into following activities: Reach the desk, sit at the desk, wipe the desk and computer (1 hour), switch on the system, enter the password, chat with the colleague across the desk about what he/she bought for lunch (1hour), Tea break and chat around with colleagues (1hour), reach the desk and login, and ask the customer what they want, tell them come next week (1 hour), LUNCH BREAK (1hour), Come back to the desk (Tell another customer give a written complaint) 1 hour; Finally pack for returning home (1 hour). No tension, life well spent.
Tanu Bis's picture
by Tanu Bis (not verified) on
Very true....I also a private sector employee, but whenever I think of shifting to govt. job everytime I get stuck at one place, i.e. there is no challange in govt. jobs, atleast you can always choose to ignore the chalanges....work environment is very laidback, its like nobody is interested to do their job.... Both govt. and private sector jobs are 2 extremes.....in private sector people always over-work....in govt. jobs people(mostly, not all) hardly work.... :-)....there is no balance anywhere.....
DB's picture
by DB (not verified) on
17Lakh+ Applicants for SBI shows it all well
Tejaswi007's picture
by Tejaswi007 (not verified) on
I wonder why Bangalore, the IT capital of India isn't in the list..
sham's picture
by sham (not verified) on
Private employees are paid 20 times more than a govt. employee, and the private companies have the ways and means to befool Govt of India on Tax front, whatever type of TAX may be.
naveendammala's picture
by naveendammala (not verified) on
i'm a govt employee, we have a good salary, very less work pressure bcz we dont have much work. and we have many benefits, and our salary increase for every 03 months because of DA...i luv the job............
USeless Country's picture
by USeless Country (not verified) on
I have been working for 6 years; have had relationship problem, now single. Could not marry in time due to low salary and less preferred by bride side. Still single. Chronic Back pain due to long sitting and bosses are never happy. As someone said; a decline in profits is seen as loss and they suck the blood of people as long as they can perform; once you are no good for them; you will be fired. You will meanwhile lose age for govt job, even if eligible you will be jacked up due to lack of approach or reservation. The living pressures are so high in terms of cost of living buying a decent 2bhk is almost impossible in any metro these days. This country is going to the dogs. Someone rightly said; only the fittest will survive. Even asking for a leave to tender to sick parents is a luxury. Useless Country; till the time I was a student i like the country was a patriot; now I have no love lost for this state as it has just left people on their own amid high inflation and lack of jobs.


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