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‘Alpha Male’ gores 20 female elephants to death

Abhish K. Bose | 02nd Apr 2013


Kottayam: As the wild jumbo, Alpha Male, is thought to have gored to death seven female elephants while in musth in the months between November  2012 and February this year, demand is growing for it to be shot down. But Periyar Tiger Reserve authorites say they don’t have enough evidence to hold the elephant responsible for the deaths, although it has in the recent past allegedly killed 13 other female elephants in similar fashion.

“Although going by circumstantial evidence it is clear this elephant has gored the female jumbos to death, the authorities continue to doubt it,” said a PTR officer.

According to reports, the elephant turned violent in 2008-2009 and in 2012, killing the female elephants by goring them with his tusks.

“The issue should be settled either by shooting down the elephant or absolving him of the killings altogether. However there is no assurance that the elephant will not turn violent again during the musth period that falls between November and February and cause more deaths. So we should consider shooting it down,” said a wildlife enthusiast, explaining that a special order from the Chief Wildlife Warden was necessary for bringing down the killer elephant.



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