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Kushal-Elena split up?

DC | Natasha Coutinho | 21st Mar 2013


Kushal Tandon and girlfriend Elena Boeva were one of the most popular couples on Nach Baliye 5. But after their elimination early from the show, they did not even participate in the wild card entry round because Kushal apparently was very upset by the blow. But the reason is different, it seems. A source close reveals, “They have refused to be a part of the finale of Nach Baliye 5. That’s because they they aren’t together anymore. They may be tight-lipped but it’s an open secret. The channel is well aware of.”


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Amanda Karly's picture
by Amanda Karly (not verified) on
thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deccan chronicle rocks
Shiv Rajput's picture
by Shiv Rajput (not verified) on
Waiting for confirmed news with actors confirmation. Cant wait more lol..;-)
aanshuman's picture
by aanshuman (not verified) on
Kushal will never confirm. Hes too smart, good at hiding such affairs
Mixed feelings.'s picture
by Mixed feelings. (not verified) on
Its so mean of us. But if it is not true then this is such a Bad Joke. Coz she still follows him on twitter & he follows her back & also she follows his sis who follows her back. So please guys dont fall for this, it might just be a bad joke for something even worse to come. As they say dont celebrate someone's break-up. Hope Evryone finds their life partner sent from above. :)
Once again raised  my hope & there they went into the drain's picture
by Once again rais... (not verified) on
This article is so not true, I cant believe i'm such an idiot to believe this even if for a day. Elena has her & Kushal's NB pic as a DP on twitter. Yes she follows him on Twitter but he doesnt. Stop it u all unintelligent reporters. It wouldn't hurt to verify facts before writing stuff down. I'm disheartened once again that i believed such an article. I like Nishal & if they aren't for real the last thing i want is fake hope with such untrue articles. You dont have to be an Einstien to put 2 and 2 together. Shud've atleast bother to check with them. Instead of playing the "source" game like unintelligent media.
This is wht I feel's picture
by This is wht I feel (not verified) on
It is quite unprofessional of the Channel & Nach Baliye makers to not give a reason of Kushal Elena's absence from the Finale Episode whteva the reason.They might have not attented the finale due to other Professional commitments. As far as the split is concerned, it doesnt seem true atleast for now. To me they never seemed perfect for eachother but since they were or are together & came to a show on national TV as a couple, Its only apt forthem to give out a public statement when they seem it is right. Also Natasha it is very unprofessional of you to put up this news without any clarifications from either of them
confujing's picture
by confujing (not verified) on
lol plz confirm if it is true. It seems true as they completely didnt show anything abt them in the show. Yo Yo Honey Singh.......
sana123's picture
by sana123 (not verified) on
such gossip hehe, natasha get well soon baby, they are still very much together, talking about their breakup wouldnt get you kushal :-)
Shailvi's picture
by Shailvi (not verified) on
You guys have too much time to discuss a "nobodys" life.. Idiots.
...'s picture
by ... (not verified) on
You're the nobody. Nobody on here knows you either you hypocrite. And why read the article in the first place if you think it is about "some nobody"!? What a retard.
...'s picture
by ... (not verified) on
What a hypocrite. Eff off. Why you even reading the article in the first place if you think it's about some nobody!? What a retard.


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