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Indie living room

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Nine to five takes much out of your day, and if you are done with TV reruns and screaming news anchors, here’s an idea — try theatre.
Vikram Vepa, B.V.P. Raju, Ritika Jaisimha, Shashank Karmarkar, Madhuri Dempsey, Tania Shah, Shayontoni Ghosh and Neil Jog, from the group Bird on a Wire are all set for their latest, Nobody’s Perfect, adapted from Simon Williams’ famous Broadway hit.
DC got a preview of their rehearsals and also an insight into how theatre in Hyderabad is getting a major push from amateur groups practicing in living rooms and on building terraces. Nobody’s Perfect is actually a full fledged production with its own sound specialists, producer, and a director. 
For those interested in that indie flavour, and a look into how groups similar to Bird on a Wire are moving furniture around to make space for themselves in the city’s theatre scene, their Nobody’s Perfect is, delightfully, recommended.


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