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US free speech group protests Wharton snub to Narendra Modi

PTI | 07th Mar 2013

Washington: Disappointed at the decision of Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) to cancel its invitation to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for delivering a keynote address, his supporters today launched a campaign to lodge their protest against the decisions.

The supporters, under the banner of ‘Americans for Free Speech’, in a mass email asked people to write to the top management of Wharton School, America’s top business school, and the University of Pennsylvania against the decision taken by the WIEF to rescind its invitation to Modi.

The email contains contact details and phone numbers of more than a dozen officials of WIEF and the Wharton School.

While the announcement is yet to be made public, the promoters of the campaign said a group of distinguished community leaders and prominent University Professors in the US is working on a memorandum to be submitted to Wharton for “violation of First Amendment” of the Constitution, “stifling free speech” and “pandering” to far left.

The group is also planning to hold a peaceful protest outside the venue of the annual student-run India-centric conference hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania on March 23. The organisers of the campaign said their purpose is to make the University and the Wharton School aware that their decision has not gone down well among the Indian Americans, and corporate sector of the country.

Meanwhile, in a related development, the Wikipedia page of the Wharton India Economic Forum today appeared to have been compromised as the language written explaining it and the annual event was far below its standard, one-sided and seen to be “angry” at the Wharton’s decision on Modi.

Wikipedia’s press office did not respond to an email seeking clarification on its content.

Simultaneously, at least two panelists on wife, requesting anonymity, said they have been received several calls from people, mainly Indian-Americans, asking them to withdraw their names from the annual event in protest against the Wharton’s decision on Modi.

Both the panelists requested that their names not be made public, and also refrained from sharing the names of the people or groups who are asking them to pull out from the annual event.

“I am not. The prestigious event is being organised by students. Even though I do not agree with their decision, I do not want to pull out and cause problems for these students - they are either Indians or Indian-Americans?” one of the panelists said.


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Jim Cantore's picture
by Jim Cantore (not verified) on
This racist pig should not be allowed to spew the poison. He still has his hand tainted and no remose is enough for the crimes he committed with the minorities in Gujarat.
Sanjaysa's picture
by Sanjaysa (not verified) on
Racist pig? you pig eater! if you hate others you will get the same. did not your mother tell you who is your father?
by RAGHUVINDER (not verified) on
If he is a racist pig, then who are those pseudo seculars who have reversed the decision? Are they not pigs who have violated the American Constitution of free speech by a democratically elected public representative of a Nation. Was late Rajiv Gandhi a messenger of peace who not only allowed killing of innocent Sikhs but also said "It is natural when a tree falls, the Earth shakes." None of the killers of Sikh genocide have been punished yet. However, in Modi's rule several culprits are behind bars. Please make comments after having understood all aspects from all sides. After all Wharton is business school!
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
not worth a reply, the person could not disagree in civilized manner, why not send him to learn somew mabnners about how to cricize and have some dignity
 arish sahani's picture
by arish sahani (not verified) on
Hindus are real fiools where ever they work they craete mess . All hindu professors with slave menatality Like Our PM serving dynasty have created a mess for University and spolied their reputation of 100 yrs by serving dynasty. Its time University should terminate all these professors toteach a lesson to all other professors.. Hindus slave mentality is costing India too much. All Hindu converts to islam in india ,pakistan, bangladesh and kasmir as muslims are treat to each nation and themselves. All converts have proved them salves as anti national in each out fro them all the time .University should study the acts of all converts in each nation.
Babu R. Gupta's picture
by Babu R. Gupta (not verified) on
Very improper action by Wharton School
paryatak's picture
by paryatak (not verified) on
very improper, I was not expecting this from Wharton. They caved in to some fanatic extremist pressure. Hindu leaders are most tolerant historically. He has skills and determination to lead in the right direction, he has transformed Gujrat in excellent manner. Vist Gujrat and see for your self.
Mukundagiri Sadagopan's picture
by Mukundagiri Sad... (not verified) on
Wharton professors display laser like sharpness of thought and iron clad arguments in disinviting Mr. Modi. This logic must henceforth be applied to whet all future speakers at Wharton. Accordingly they should Pre-Disqualify leaders from Israel, which has been condemned in several UN resolutions. They must also black list experts from North Korea, Somalia, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, which have been often condemned by US government (just like Mr. Modi has been). Wharton’s banned list should include speakers from Pakistan for its treatment of certain communities in Baluchistan, Russia for its record in Chechnya, Turkey for its treatment of Kurds and Mexico for its repression of the Chiapas. Wharton must also blackball Caucasian US business leaders, who are tainted with the slavery of African Americans and killing of Native Americans – as vividly detailed by Chomsky. The Chinese Gurus of course cannot be allowed after what they did to Tibet. Not to despair - there is no lack of speakers from Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Vatican, which have clean records; for now.
Sushilkumar's picture
by Sushilkumar (not verified) on
Mr.Modi you have to face such allegations, but not to worry because we Gujarati people know you very well and so we 6 crore Gujaratis have voted in favour of you and will sure vote for you in National Level too. The incident which happen during 2002 was unstoppable and had crossed all the limits and it was horrible. Even if Mr.Obama was at the place of Mr.Modi he even can't had stopped it. But it turn very ugly and unfortunate. But thereafter the things have changed. Before Modi rule minority and normal hindu people was not able to do business properly, every now and then there was riots. Even if you ask now to any minority people. They will sure answer positive towards Modi. So Mr. Modi not to worry about few negative minded peopls. Continue serving people of Gujarat and people of India we are proud of you.
Dave Makkar's picture
by Dave Makkar (not verified) on
WHY MODI ? WHY NO PROTEST ON THE US VISITS OF NETANYAHU People have double standards in America especially the Muslims; if they really care about human rights of Muslims why no one has never protested for the on going genocide of Palestinian Muslim by Israeli Leaders and Military. They should have protested on numerous visits of Israeli Prime Ministers like Olmert & Netanyahu to USA who gets a Hero’s welcome in both houses of US Congress. It is a universal truth all Israeli Prime Ministers including Netanyahu is directly responsible for giving orders to Israeli Military to kill unarmed Palestinian children, women, aged and young every day in their own country. I am not an admirer of Modi or BJP; slave to Zionist/Israeli’s and have mortgaged their integrity and brains to them. But Modi is not involved in killing of any minority on day to day basis. 2002 was an unfortunate year for both Muslims and Hindus of Gujrat and unfortunately there were more Muslim casualties. To blame Modi directly for that is not right because he never ordered like Netanyahu or Prime Ministers before him to kill Muslims. More over after this incident no incident of similar nature has taken place under Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat . Modi is democratically elected Leader of Gujarat and represents more than 60 million people and Muslims account for more then 6 million which is more than the 1.85 million Muslim population of Israel. If Israeli Leaders like Netanyahu responsible for killing Palestinian Muslims on day to day basis can visit USA freely why can’t Modi who is not killing any one on day to basis; can visit USA or be a key note speaker in a University via Satellite?


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