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80% dalit women face violence in inter-caste marriage

DC | G. Jagannath | 04th Mar 2013
Picture for representation only.
Picture for representation only.

Chennai: Contrary to the claims of non-dalit groups led by PMK founder Dr S. Ramadoss blaming dalit men for luring caste Hindu women into pseudo love marriages, an RTI query has revealed that mostly dalit women were at the receiving end in the inter caste marriages and the perpetrators are none other than the caste Hindu men themselves.

Moreover, the caste Hindu men are biggest perpetrators of domestic violence against women belonging to their intermediate caste, said a reported released by NGO Evidence based on RTI data received from the districts.

According to police cases registered in the state between 2009 and 2012, over 80 per cent of women who had faced domestic violence in the inter-caste marriages were dalits. Of the 20 per cent of other caste women, 76 per cent of them faced domestic violence in the hands of the caste Hindu men.

Across the state, 84 women had filed cases of domestic violence against their husband and family members, husbands who deserted them after marriage and men for sexually harassing them by making false promise of marriages. Of the 84 women, 67 were dalits and 17 were caste Hindus.

Out of the 67 affected dalit women, 52 were lured by caste Hindu men on false promise of marriage and sexually harassed them, the data revealed. Among the 84 complaints, in 95.2 per cent cases perpetrator of violence is caste Hindu men.

Evidence executive director A. Kathir said that the RTI info exposes the false campaign carried out by the caste outfits post-Dharmapuri violence that dalit youths lure caste Hindu women into a wedlock in the name of love marriage only to blackmail the latter’s family for money.

He urged the state government to issue a special order to punish those who are sexually assaulting women on false of promise of marriage. In case of dalit women, case should be registered under Section 3 (2) (5) of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, he said, demanding the government to strengthen the Act by amending it.

He also asked the government to bring special schemes to rehabilitate the women affected by the inter-caste marriage and violence against them. 



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What makes you think your parents/children/future generations/houses/properties are safe from sections of society whom you've abused for thousands of years?


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