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Kerala short of 65 IAS officers

DC | Cynthia Chandran | 28th Feb 2013
Picture for representational purpose only.
Picture for representational purpose only.

Thiruvananthapuram: The state currently has only 99 IAS officers when the requirement is of 164. Ten serving IAS officers are facing Vigilance inquiry, with Raju Narayana Swamy and TO Sooraj already awaiting departmental action. This was revealed in a reply obtained under the Right To Information Act.

Chief minister Oommen Chandy had lamented the dearth of IAS officers in the state when it had come to light that so many IAS posts were lying vacant.

One official, X. Anil IAS, has been facing two Vigilance inquiry/cases. As per an RTI reply provided by P. Usha Rani, under secretary and state information officer, Anil allegedly abused official position by “entering into a criminal conspiracy,” and sanctioned and released an amount of Rs.100 lakh as term loan to M/s JJ Holiday Resorts, a hotel project at Munnar, without obtaining proper application. The second case against Anil is over an allegation that he illegal sanctioned Rs.5 crore to Kerala State Agro Co-op Bank, Kannur, from Kerala State Co-op Bank.

Other IAS officials facing investigations by the Vigilance are PI Sheikh Pareeth, T. Bhaskaran, L. Radhakrishnan, Ishita Roy, Rajeev Sadanandan, Jiji Thompson, Jose Issac, Anand Singh and Biswanath Sinha. Raju Narayana Swamy and TO Sooraj are awaiting departmental action against them for ‘misconduct’ and violation of central government instructions and the all India service (conduct) rules and in relation to the Marad beach violence in Kozhikode. 

An inquiry has been ordered against Dr. B. Ashok, vice chancellor, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, over some comments he made against K.

Jayakumar, the then chief secretary. Dr. KM Abraham, additional chief secretary, is the inquiry officer.

As per the reply, the maximum number of posts to be held by an IASofficer apart from chief secretary Jose Cyriac is MG Rajamanickam as director of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, project directorof Kerala Land Information Mission (Bhumi Keralam), executive directorof Jalanidhi and director of Survey and Land Revenue Records.



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PratapK Nair's picture
by PratapK Nair (not verified) on
Many IAS people dont want to serve in Kerala because of politician's interference in all matters. Also many get close to one or other parties and if they are out of power ask for deputation out of Kerala. Raju Narainswamy is reputed to be too honest and dont get along with any party, He should be put as Vigilance or Human Right commissionar
Raju Narayana Swamy's picture
by Raju Narayana Swamy (not verified) on
Dear Editor, May I write this letter to point out a factual error in your report . There is no vigilance case against me . In fact, not even a single vigilance case has been initiated against me during my 22 years of service. All along I have fought against corruption tooth and nail in my own humble way. In fact, I was recently shifted from the post of Commissioner, Civil Supplies to a relatively insignificant post (which was created to accommodate me). The reason was carried by a prominent Malayalam Daily. It is plain and simple. A vigilance case was initiated against the Minister (there are 3 vigilance cases against him now in less than 2 months).The Minister was afraid that if I continue, I may not (and certainly would not) have given a report so as to save him. So I was shunted out. And it is not the first time it has happened. You may be aware that after the Munnar eviction (and the resignation of the then Minister T U Kuruvilla over my report), I was practically without any posting for 4 years- Secretary (II), Secretary Parliamentary Affairs and Secretary Youth Affairs- only because I had exposed corruption. And now about the disciplinary action part . Let me tell you that it has 2 components. The first is for speaking to the press the truth ( My interview was published in Malayalam magazine when the Govt let me down after my actions that included raids on an abkari contractor as DC Trichur) . I personally believe that truth should be spoken and done . Disciplinary actions to discourage officers from speaking out the truth are unfortunate. The second is when Government did not defend me properly in an official case (as a retaliation to my principled stands in Munnar). So I had to engage a private lawyer (at my own cost) to defend an official case. This invited some remarks and was followed by a disciplinary action. To put it in a nutshell, the aims of these disciplinary actions are to make me toe a path not acceptable to my conscience. And to add to these, I have been practically kept without any posting. But believe me, these cannot and will not deter me from the path of truth. I believe I owe my allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the people of this country. I will continue to fight against untruth in my own humble way. I know I am only a cog in the hierarchy – a drop in the ocean. I am too insignificant to change the system. But let me try to make my miniscule contributions. And what I need in this endeavour is the goodwill of people so that brickbats will not be thrown at me in the name of disciplinary action to stifle the voice of truth. Excuse me if I have been sentimental in my words. Regards Dr Raju Narayana Swamy IAS
John Mary's picture
by John Mary (not verified) on
Our Reporter had sought information from the State Public Information Officer at the General Administration Department of Government Secretariat on the number of IAS officers facing vigilance and governmental inquiry and the reasons thereof on 22 January 2013. Ms P. Usha Rani, Under Secretary and State Public Information Officer, replied (No. 6911/Spl. A1/2013/GAD dated 21/02/2013) that departmental action was pending against two serving IAS officers: 1) Mr Raju Narayana Swamy IAS - misconduct, and violation of Government of India Instructions and All India Service (Conduct) Rules. 2) Mr T. O. Sooraj IAS - Regarding incident at Marad beach, Kozhikode". Hence I would like to bring to your notice that DC has only reported factually as per the RTI information received. Thank You
Gopalkrishnan's picture
by Gopalkrishnan (not verified) on
Both versions seem to be correct. Raju Narayanaswamy is facing a departmental enquiry and not a vigilance case/enquiry. However, the version supposedly by Raju doesn't seem to be his creation - it looks like someone else has written it.
Peter Smetacek's picture
by Peter Smetacek (not verified) on
Interesting that out of all the officials facing charges, people are only speaking up for Mr. Narayanaswamy. Well, don't lose heart, Mr. Narayanaswamy, I for one am following this matter with great interest and wish to see just how much injustice can be meted out to you and the people of India by corrupt cliques. Thank you, Deccan Chronicle, for unbiased reporting, for in the report upon which you based your report and Mr. Narayanaswamy's version, much can be understood about the harrassment of Mr Narayanaswamy by sections of the Kerala government. Keep up the good work, for opposition to the wicked is godliness: throw pebbles at the devil, as Islam recommends, the devil should know that God, too, has a say in things!
V.K.Swamy's picture
by V.K.Swamy (not verified) on
T.O.Sooraj IAS is a big time corrupt person and everybody knows it, his modus operandi is to Mark the lands into different classification and then later collect money from people,Recently he took money from a prominent producer. This was after he came to know they are planning to sell the land. After settling him land again became Nilam from wet land. What public can do,,,pay people like him.
Nandumon009's picture
by Nandumon009 (not verified) on
Dear Raju, You should have joined Indian Foreign Service rather than IAS. You would be high commissioner to a foreign country if you had opted for IFS by now. You are the straight forward officers but politicans may not like you. All the latest rank holders opted for IAS. I don't know why? I think they will relaize the true thing when they are posted.


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