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Stay hot, stay fit!

DC | Gautam Sunder | 24th Feb 2013


Christian and Anastasia are everywhere; the hit protagonists of the erotic bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey, have inspired numerous activities, the latest being in the field of fitness, if you can believe it!
Seductive Squats; Lusty Lunges; Risqué Rotations; Sexy Scissors... make no sense? Well, these are just workout names that New York-based celebrity fitness expert Kristen James, who has trained celebrities, high-powered CEOs and television personalities, has devised in her own exercise routine based on the book. And the seductive ‘50 Shapes’ programme is slowly becoming a phenomenon in its own right. 
Kristen, who is currently an instructor at one of Equinox’s high-end Fitness Cubs in Manhattan, said in an interview with DC that the workout does not only improve fitness, but also spices up sex lives.  
Fitness industry today:
I began training clients when I was 18. The industry was very different then and we were just hitting the iceberg of fitness and wellness, as we know it today. I received an undergraduate degree in psychology and continued for a Masters in Health & Wellness. To stand out, you’ve got to stay on top of your game in this constantly evolving field.
How she shaped it:
I want to say that the book inspired this workout, it’s not based on it! Lots of my clients were reading the book, and wanted to know how to get their bodies in shape for a better sex life. Months went by listening to my clients speak about the sexual positions that they thought must be impossible to either get into or sustain. It was just a matter of weeks before the workout was created from researching and drawing from my experience as a trainer, and of course re-reading the books. 
Key to active libido:
The moves are based on actual sexual positions. So by increasing women’s strength, stamina and flexibility in those positions, they become empowered inside and outside of the bedroom. Fitness is an integral part in maintaining one’s sexual libido. Working out makes our bodies  ready to take on spontaneous sex. There is no perfume or lingerie that can do for you what feeling good in your own skin can. 
International appeal:
I think that globally, women want to have a better sex life. We should create a dialogue about the need for a better sex life and how to enhance that part of our lives, and by working out through 50 Shapes, we do just that. The women I train, anywhere from 35-55 years old, love it so much that their husbands have asked me to create a workout for men! They gained more confidence, felt sexier and have become more interested in being intimate with their partners.
Shape-shifting controversies:
This workout is a pilates/strength-based workout. It’s an intelligent, comprehensive workout that will challenge anyone who goes through it. It’s not for everyone though. Detractors? There will always be detractors. I’ve always said, ‘It’s none of my business what people think.’ I feel good knowing people enjoy doing the workout and see results from it. The rest, I don’t focus on.


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