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Walmart warehouse sealed in Chennai

DC | K. Karthikeyan | 20th Feb 2013
Picture for representation only.
Picture for representation only.


Chennai: Tamil Nadu became the fir­st state in the country to stoutly resist MNC ‘invasion’ into the domestic re­t­ail sector. On Tuesday, CM­DA authorities placed a seal on the massive ware­h­o­use spreading across 7 acres that had reportedly be­en built for one of the world’s leading multinat­i­o­­­n­al retail giants, Walmart.
The building that bears the name M/s Ramda has created doubts ever since its construction came to light. Political parties led by AIADMK and even UPA partner DMK besides Left parties have been protesting against the construction and operation of Bharati Walmart joint venture’s wholesale trade marketing office in Anna Nagar West and its warehouse in Vanagaram. 
A CMDA note says, “Building bearing survey no. 104/2A & 3 at Noombal Village on Poonamallee High Road in Chennai consists of ground floor and first floor and a notice calling for approved plan was issued on November 14, 2012. 
However, the owner did not furnish any approved plan and hence locking and sealing notice was issued on November 27, 2012.” The note went on to add, “As the building is being constructed unauthorisedly and construction work was in progress des­pite notices issued, the buil­ding was locked and sealed on February 19, 2013.”
CMDA crackdown came shortly after the building owner denied any links between his sprawling godown under construction at Vanagaram and Walmart. The owner’s denial came in the wake of a police complaint lodged by Muthu Ramesh Kumar who had also filed a criminal original petition in the Madras High Court seeking direction to the deputy commissioner of police, Anna Nagar to book an FIR on his complaint seeking probe into the construction of the godown and marketing office for retail trade in the garb of wholesale business. 


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Sreekanth Miryala's picture
by Sreekanth Miryala (not verified) on
people in India are crazy .. they do not want to save money or get quality products .. they want the same crap that kirana stores sell
mahesh prasad's picture
by mahesh prasad (not verified) on
we came from crap we eat crap you to.we wil sleep on crap.introducing walmarts in our country means loss of small business peoples.nad many more losses.its only their benefits
zakriya from chennai's picture
by zakriya from chennai (not verified) on
Cheep Medicine but this is slow poison not querable. Like western culture in india
Sathishkumar Jayabalan's picture
by Sathishkumar Ja... (not verified) on
Indian peoples are blind by the polictical parties... all are sentimental idiots , no words to say for them... we need walmart in India...
Ajit's picture
by Ajit (not verified) on
Absolutely... these people are fools... They always say no to developement..... Meanwhile Indians elsewhere are building hypermarkets .. e.g. Lulu chain of hypermarkets in UAE are by a NRI. Our Indians blinded by political parties are singing to their tune....
Patriot of Mother India's picture
by Patriot of Moth... (not verified) on
All you so called educated guys are idiots nothing more and I am appalled at the level of ignorance. The governments & politicians taking the country for a free ride. It is high time to stop FDI. FDI is not needed in India. Foreign companies are not coming to India for doing Social Services.Nor their so called service is required here. What the British did some 200 years before these FDI companies are going to do it once again now. If you want to improve the infrastructures, creates job, remove the middle man and alleviate the poverty, it is Government of India responsibility to do it but What the government is doing in last 66 years in the first place? Why not start streamlining it rather than focusing on looting the country all the time. Not only they are looting they are opening the gate to loot for everybody and anybody from outside world. You so called idiots just sit in a office table and comment without knowing the consequences of FDI. I appreciate Jayalalitha for stopping it as we need people like her who can take courageous & patriotic decisions
Karthick Iyer's picture
by Karthick Iyer (not verified) on
Its our money and we need quality products @ best prices. Kirana stores are a big turn off !! So are these hyper and supermarkets cuz there are no key differentiators. Old wine in a new bottle! We need Walmarts in India. If the govt feels there's no chance for FDI in retail, then why not fund and launch their own chain of retailers in the lines of Walmart?? Why should the common man suffer from all these political exploits?


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