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Nyla to rise in Mollywood

DC | Shruti Karthikeyan |

She is the woman with the gift of the gab. That’s what made her a popular RJ in Dubai where she did shows for Hits 96.7. So what brings RJ Nyla Usha all the way from Dubai to Palakkad? A film.

Nyla is making her debut in award-winning director Salim Ahmed’s second outing Kunjananthante Kada. “I know the director because I had interviewed him on several occasions in Dubai. Salim was in search of a new face for his film and asked me to send across a few photographs. And  here I am in Palakkad, shooting for the film!” says the spunky lady.

She lives in Dubai, but this Malayali woman who has her roots in Thiruvananthapuram is up-to-date about the Malayalam film industry. “I have stayed connected with the film industry through my shows. Besides, many stars come to our studio in Dubai.”

It is not as if Nyla has grabbed the first offer that has come her way. She has been receiving several offers from filmmakers, but it was Salim’s project that caught her attention. “I haven’t got the airs of a movie star yet,” she quips adding seriously, “I just feel like it is the extension of my work,” says Nyla who is in Kerala for 35 days. Nyla plays a housewife with a mind of her own. “I am jittery about my performance.” Any newcomer would be, more so if she is paired opposite her favourite actor. She is paired opposite Mammootty.

Nyla says she had interviewed him as an RJ, but as a co-star she is closely watching him at the sets. Nyla is married and is a mother of a five-year old kid but that doesn’t stop her from donning a new role. “I just took up this offer for a change and so far have not decided about taking acting seriously. It is a huge responsibility and I am just concentrating on what I have on hand at the moment!” she says as she bids adieu.


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