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Magazine’s Karunanidhi-Khushboo link irks parties

DC | K. Karthikeyan | 16th Feb 2013
Khushboo with Karunanidhi - PTI file photo
Khushboo with Karunanidhi - PTI file photo


Chennai: Actor Khushboo’s cup of wo­es seems to overflow. Just when the succession rema­rk controversy died down, the DMK star campaigner has been dragged into ano­ther controversy which left both Periyarists and DMK cadres equally shocked.
A Tamil bi-weekly has ca­rried a cover story casting aspersions on her proximity with DMK chief M. Ka­runanidhi and that it posed a threat to Stalin’s succession plans. Sadly, the illustration on the magazine co­ver depicts Karunanidhi and Kushboo as Periyar and Maniammai. 
An emotionally moved Khushboo tweeted saying; “They forget I am also a mother, wife and the lady of my home. Pelt stones, write filth, defame, degrade..i am the woman of 21st century. I m a fighter.” “Few out there cannot de­ter me from my fight n struggle to create a better platform of dignity for wo­men of my INDIA... stop me if u can!!” she added.
Unlike a circumspect DMK that kept mum on the issue till late evening, Pe­r­iyarists vent their outrage, mostly online. Facebook and Twitter pages of Periya­rists were abuzz with its me­mbers slamming the de­nigration of Periyar-Mani­ammai relationship to criticise DMK succession war is­sue.
Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam leader Vidutha­lai K. Rajendran said, “Pe­r­iyar-Maniammai relationship was not an ordinary husband-wife relationship. Periyar married Maniam­mai to further the dravidian movement through a co­nfidant. She dedicated her life to Ayya’s ideology. It is ill-mannered to denigrate that relationship.” 
Mayiladuthurai DK distr­ict secretary Dhalapathi Raj said, "DMK general secretary Anbazhagan has pu­blicly reiterated many ti­mes that Anna formed DMK only to give a political form to DK and extend its service to people and not due to Periyar’s marriage. It is unfair to level such criticism on women. This is only a male chauvinist attempt to sustain the taboo and keep women indoors.” 


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Injikkollai's picture
by Injikkollai (not verified) on
Hope the women of TN raise their voice together!
Ramesh421's picture
by Ramesh421 (not verified) on
Raise voice for what? Supporting illicit afairs? An affair between a man with 3 official wives and a lady who has no morals? Yeah, go ahead, raise your voice, conduct a procession, and even pass a law mandating all women to have affairs with 89-year old men...just to asceratin who is the Boss. Truly, woman over the top - pun intended!
Krishanand's picture
by Krishanand (not verified) on
Women of TN have already raised their voice and installed Jayalalithaa as CM of Tamil Nadu for the third time. The looters, plunderers and scammers have been shown their place.
Jennyhari 's picture
by Jennyhari (not verified) on
What kumudam wrote was true and lot of tamil people know this.why this karunanidi is supporting this third grade lady more than his DMK followers.
thamizhan Naan's picture
by thamizhan Naan (not verified) on
A man who quotes Thirukkural, does not lead a life as per Thirukkural's ideology. He uses Tamil for his own benefits and cheats the Tamil people. As per Thiruvalluvar a man who is having a husband's relationship with many other than his legitimate wife is considered as 'DOG'. So a DOG's howls (statements) and his other mates howls are ignorable......
stalingrade 's picture
by stalingrade (not verified) on
Even the DMK Cadres says that what written in the article are true... !
stalingrade 's picture
by stalingrade (not verified) on
Even the DMK Cadres says that what written in the article are true... !
parvez sajjad's picture
by parvez sajjad (not verified) on
Khushboo is a mother of two children. Karuna is a grand old Tamilian. Don't spoil their name.
Tamil loos's picture
by Tamil loos (not verified) on
That article must be banned... Media ppl must know their limits
Karunanidhi Gopalapuram's picture
by Karunanidhi Gop... (not verified) on
Karunanidhi is one of the worst possible character and is perfectly capable doing this mentally at least as physcally he can't. Kushbhoo will be innocent as there is no way an intelligent women like her will fall for this worm of a man


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