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Dead rat found in fruit juice pack

DC | 16th Feb 2013

Hyderabad: An advocate in Hyderabad was shocked after finding a dead rat in his Real Active+ fruit drink on Friday. The advocate, Achyut Rao, is also a child rights activist in the city. He is set to  approach the consumer forum soon.

According to Rao, the fruit juice pack was purchased along with four others from a local eatery on Thursday. “On Friday, I opened one of the tetra packs and was struck by an unbearable stink coming from it. When I tried to poured the juice, the nozzle was obstructed. I squeezed the pack harder and a squashed body of a dead rat came out,” he claimed.

Mr Rao says he will be approaching the consumer forum. While saying that he was sure this was an accident, he added, “Dabur, which owns the Real brand, is a reputed company. The company must ensure that its customers get its fullest attention.”


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Dr NG Rao's picture
by Dr NG Rao (not verified) on
Whether it is Dabur or any other reputed or ordinary company, they should be punished with harshest punishment. They are worse than murderers who kill one or two selected people; but this crime may lead to death of many and health problems to many more, may be in thousands. There should not be any leniency by the judiciary in such cases.
Rajiv Thuppala's picture
by Rajiv Thuppala (not verified) on
The Consumer Forum got to take strict action against Dabur and ensure to support the denizens during such dire straits.
Kabir Anand's picture
by Kabir Anand (not verified) on
I have been having Real juices for years now but have never faced any issue. This seems to be an abberation. A rat inside a juice pack is just not possible... There is something fishy about this report itself... or probably the complaint.
DC Reader's picture
by DC Reader (not verified) on
And that too it had to be an Advocate. There is something black in the lentil soup.
Babu Kanuri's picture
by Babu Kanuri (not verified) on
As an engineer in the food and beverage industry, I am not sure how a rat can get inside a juice pack unless it was deliberate. Please hold all judgement until a root cause of the problem is found.
R Chopra's picture
by R Chopra (not verified) on
Surprising news...i hv been drinking real activ and also my family but hv never come across any issues in the quality of juice...Dabur is a big company i hope the news is false..if true who ever is guilty should be punished.
Babu Kanuri's picture
by Babu Kanuri (not verified) on
As an engineer in the food and beverage industry, I don't see how a rat could get into a juice pack unless deliberate. Please hold off all judgement until a root cause analysis is done.
khwaja sartaj alikhan's picture
by khwaja sartaj a... (not verified) on
This is how a juice is extracted: No chance that there would be a rat in the pack. Juices have rats, KFC has worms etc. Has anyone wondered why all these incidents only happen in india when there are a wider population drinking juices in the world ?
RajKiran's picture
by RajKiran (not verified) on
It is incredible that a lawyer stumbles upon a dead rat in his drink. I think I smell a rat in this news story.
Srini Nedela's picture
by Srini Nedela (not verified) on
A dead rat in a small pack is highly impossible. These are automated machines and cannot happen. Big BS !


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