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She paddles around the globe in her kayak

DC | 10th Feb 2013
Sandy Robson, sea kayaker from Western Australia, arrives in Kochi.  	—DC
Sandy Robson, sea kayaker from Western Australia, arrives in Kochi. —DC

Kochi: Sandy Robson had a big smile on her face as she paddled her kayak to the shores of Kochi on Saturday morning. For her, each yard she covers is a big step towards achieving her dream and each shore she steps on to is a feather in her cap.

This 45-year-old kayaker from Western Australia has taken one more step in her grand mission of rowing around the world to cover 55,000 km in a single kayak.

Her journey in India started in December 2012 and has already covered Gujarat, Maharashtra,

Goa and Karnataka. She had anchored at Kannur and Kozhikode before reaching Kochi.

She covered Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hun-gary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus after she took off on her the expedition in May 2011.

Robson is now set to sail to Sri Lanka before moving towards East Asian countries. An outdoor education teacher, Sandy Rob-son kayaks for six months and gets back to work the next six in Australia to earn for her adventures.

She paddles eight to 10 hours covering about 60 km every day. Her mission is to cover the world in five years by re-tracing the 1930s journey of Oskar Speck who kayaked from Germany to Australia.



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