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‘Our baby died a painful death’

DC | 08th Feb 2013

Bengaluru: The parents of Shirish Lokesh, the three-year-old boy who died on Wednesday after three cardiac arrests, claim that they had not consented to a root canal procedure as advised by the dentist, Dr Raviraj. Accusing the doctor of gross negligence and greed for money, Shirish’s father, Lokesh K.S., claimed their son underwent severe trauma during the last few hours of his life.

A distraught Asha Lokesh, the boy’s mother, told this newspaper that they were told about the procedure after it had been performed.

“We came to Annaya Health Care Centre two months ago for a consultation because my son complained of toothache in the right lower jaw. Dr Raviraj said his tooth was decaying and advised us to get it filled. The appointment was fixed for Wednesday at 7:30 am, and he took my son inside the moment we arrived. He put a mask over Shirish’s face and when I asked what it was, he said it was oxygen. Within five seconds, my son was asleep. I was sent out while the operation was being performed. Two hours later, Dr Raviraj came and told us he had performed a root canal treatment. We would never have agreed to it in the first place,” she said.

Alleging that they were made to sign a consent form after the operation had been performed, Asha said, “Why would a child, who is barely three years old, require a root canal for his milk teeth? After the procedure, the doctor told us our son was asleep, and showed us his teeth. Instead of a cap only on the right side, there were caps on both sides of his lower jaw”.
When Asha saw Dr Raviraj’s tense face and heard him speaking in hushed tones to his assistant, she realised something was terribly wrong. She called her husband, who came to the clinic immediately.

“We told them to shift Shirish to a hospital three buildings away, but they kept saying his pulse needed to be stabilised. Dr Raviraj’s brother, Dr Dhanraj, also came to the centre and insisted on keeping Shirish there. We saw them continuously beating Shirish’s chest and administering around 20-25 injections in less than 90 minutes. It was only after he was shifted to Garden City Hospital in Jayanagar that we were told our son had suffered three cardiac arrests in the clinic. He died a very painful and torturous death,” cried a tearful Lokesh.

Shirish would have turned three years old on March 12. The family had planned a grand celebration with their relatives and school friends. Madhu .M, a family friend, said Asha had to stay strong for her first-born, Monish, who was only 10 years old.

“She cannot go into depression now, her son needs her. We had planned a big party for her birthday this month, and a huge bash for Shirish in March, but fate had different plans,” she revealed.




Yojana Bonagir's picture
by Yojana Bonagir (not verified) on
Such doctors should have the worst fate. Their license should be cancelled and they need to be put to death penalty
sapnag's picture
by sapnag (not verified) on
Sue the Doctor. Now a days no humanity.
manojrgarg's picture
by manojrgarg (not verified) on
Respected fellowbeings.Media means glamour-want to sell everything by twisting facts without verification.We as educated should also look at other side of story with due grievance for suffering family.7.30am -dental appointment for 3yr-every medical prof.knows is for sedation as concerned patient needs tobe empty stomach 6-8hrs.Imagine we taking dental appointment for filling at 7.30 in cold winter chills-sounds absurd.Man proposes -GOD disposes. Accepted GOD had something else planned but such procedures are routine abroad-even the best machines can stop abruptely-biology is GOD's marvel,man is still trying to unrevail.Rootcanals are routine in milk and pemanent teeth.By being voilent,we are being barbaric without ascertaining facts-going by media is wrong.Let's sympathise and pray both sides settle amicably and respect for profession is maintained.
bhat's picture
by bhat (not verified) on
exactly said manoj,,jus by reading few lines published people comment harshly on doctor,,definitely there was some traces of food and liquid found inside lungs which clearly suggests death due to aspiration and secondly the parents saying 20-25 injections along rubing chest is nothing but they administering inj.adrenaline which is a vasoconstrictor and helps restoring BP..so all others pls stop complaining the doctor..the boys soul would not rest in peace if u slam the dentist like this
Resident of HSR's picture
by Resident of HSR (not verified) on
I faced a similar incident at this clinic when we had taken my daughter who had a toothache. Dr Raviraj checked my daughter and told us that he had to do a filling. After some time I noticed he was drilling into my daughter's tooth and checked with the doctor and he mentioned he was performing a root canal. He did not bother to inform us and later gave us a hefty bill. We did not know what else could be done as there is no proper channel to register complaints. we stopped going to this doctor after that thanks dominic


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