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KSU student agitators pour engine oil on senior official

DC | Gilvester Assary |
Higher secondary education director Keshvendra Kumar drenched in black oil spilled by KSU activists on Tuesday in Thiruvananthapuram - DC
Higher secondary education director Keshvendra Kumar drenched in black oil spilled by KSU activists on Tuesday in Thiruvananthapuram - DC

Thiruvananthapuram: In a shocking incident, a five member gang of the Congress-led student organization, KSU, poured used engine oil (kari oil) on higher secondary education director Keshvendra Kumar here on Tuesday.

The KSU activists were claiming to press the demand for a roll back of the Plus One fee hike decision.

The incident triggered strong reaction from a cross-section of the society including student leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and social activists. The KSU state leadership however disassociated itself from the protest and expelled KSU district secretary Sippy Noorudeen who led the attack, from the primary membership of the organization. The police arrested eight persons including Noorudeen.

Police said five KSU workers entered the director’s office located in the Hosing Board building near the Secretariat around 2 pm. They urged the director to roll back the decision to hike the Plus One fee. The officer assured them that the matter was with the government and a decision would be taken soon.

Suddenly, Nooudeen who had brought engine oil in a bottle, poured it all over the officer while his friends started slogan-shouting. There was oil all over his shirt, office files and furniture. KSU workers also assaulted some staff members who tried to prevent the five from attacking the officer, police said.

“They did this without any provocation.  I never expected such an act in a civilized state like Kerala,” said the IAS officer hailing from Bihar. He lodged a petition with chief minister Oommen Chandy and DGP KS Balasubramanian, seeking stern action against the accused. He also sought adequate security for his office.

KSU state president VS Joy said, “We  cannot justify such protests. The KSU leadership was totally in the dark. We have expelled him from KSU,” said Joy.

Apart from Sippy, the others arrested were Sreelal, Vignesh, Shanuraj, Sadiqque, Abinaz, Anzar and Shameem.

Home minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan said stern action would be taken against those involved in the 'uncultured' act.

A complaint in this regard has been lodged by the Director and based on that, action would be taken against guilty students, police said.

The students also tried to intimidate the employees who attempted to evict the agitating students from the office room, police added.

Most unexpected attack: IAS officer



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dc-reader's picture
by dc-reader (not verified) on
shame. Govt should take immediate action
Isko's picture
by Isko (not verified) on
What a disgusting act from the Congress-led student organization group!!! Hope the miscreants get a tough punishment.
Nisha 's picture
by Nisha (not verified) on
Very disgusting and irritating ....we can expect only this from them.....shud take serious action on this ....Hope CM really do anything on this INSULT...What a Shame!
khare's picture
by khare (not verified) on
Kesavendra is such a down to earth officer...what a shameful act...politics will one day drown this country...the bright students will opt for richer grounds abroad rather than getting humiliated by local politicians
Anitha. P's picture
by Anitha. P (not verified) on
Imagine, these are the same people who would be our future MPs , MlAs, & ministers. This shocking incident is really a black mark on so called culturally & educationally higher Keralites. I don't think our country will ever "Shine & Sparkle". Whatever some people try to make it shine, these shameless , idiotic people pour engine oil over it. And they will walk away victoriously with their head high up in the air & with an absurd smile on their lips. Lately our place is becoming alien. It is not " Gods Own Country", infact it is "Aliens Own Country".
Anitha. P's picture
by Anitha. P (not verified) on
Yes, only god can save the country now. These politicians are transforming the country to hell.
skk's picture
by skk (not verified) on
These KSU goons are expelled from KSU they say .But I am damn sure that once the situation is calm these goons will be back in KSU with full power.And some day we will see these goons as our MP's or MLA's .Sad but true .
Rex Isaacs's picture
by Rex Isaacs (not verified) on
This is a moment when I feel ashamed of being a Malayali.Kesavendra who has come up the hard way through sheer determination and hard work to serve the country is a role model to the young generation..He would never have expected such humiliation from the most literate state in the country.I tender my sincere apologies to him on behalf of the wrong doers.
Rex Isaacs's picture
by Rex Isaacs (not verified) on
I burry my head in shame for the treatment meted out to Kesavendra by some hooligans who hail from my state.Is this the way a gentleman,who is a role model to our youth,be treated? On behalf of the wrong doers I sincerely apologize to him.
sureshss's picture
by sureshss (not verified) on
Request media to followup this story to closure. These cowards should get the punishment they deserve for bringing shame to our society.


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