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‘A’ for item songs, barred from TV

DC | Anand Mishra | 03rd Feb 2013
Kareena Kapoor's item song Fevicol se from Dabangg 2. 

Kareena Kapoor's item song Fevicol se from Dabangg 2.

Mumbai: All films with “item songs” will get an “Adult” rating as per a recent decision by the Censor Board of Film Certification.  Further, since A-rated visuals are banned from being aired on television, the films, if shown, will be screened without the songs.

“The issue of handing ‘A’ certificates to item songs was discussed in the censor board meeting and the chairperson has decided on it,” confirmed Pankaja Thakur, CEO, CBFC, adding that the Delhi gang-rape had pushed the board to take such a decision.

According to sources, the censor board had been feeling the pressure after it faced tremendous flak for the Hindi film industry’s objectionable portrayal of women and offensive lyrics. “The board decided that some serious measures needed to be put in place before the public anger boiled over.

Hence, this decision was made with immediate effect,” sources said. Brijmohan Sharma, a former member of the censor board, noted that the definition of item songs hasn’t been formulated yet and ambiguity will result in misuse by filmmakers.

Experts wonder if ‘A’ will help

Following the decision of Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to give an “Adult” rating to all films with “item songs”, Brijmohan Sharma, a former member of the CBFC, said, “The censor board has decided to give an ‘A’ rating to all item songs. But this does not mean that obscenity will disappear from TVs.”

“The censor board has not defined what qualifies to be an item song. The Cinematograph Act of 1952 needs to be amended because the censor board is taking cover under this act and spreading obscenity,” Sharma added.

When poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar was asked what he thought of the decision of the censor board, he said, “I don’t know the definition of ‘item songs.”


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RS4567's picture
by RS4567 (not verified) on
That is ridiculous. What would be the point of giving Adult rating just because a movie has an item song. There are more objectionable material within the movie then an item song. What would happen to the lives of several has been heroines who weren't lucky enough to get older roles and background dancers if item songs are banned? Their lives are soley dependent on item songs. From what I seen item songs are pretty clean compared some of the actual movie songs. Most of the time the amount of filth in item songs is about the same as the actual movie songs. Instead of just labeling it Adult just because of an item song, the censor board should do their job and screen the whole movie and rate it according to that. If they find something objectionable anywhere in the moviie they should tell the producers to cut that part out to avoid Adult rating.
Qaan's picture
by Qaan (not verified) on
I was surprised when I visited London, hardly there were any nude pics on the streets and almost entire uk is free from those pictures, but India being a country of customs and traditions cant restrict such things, as we can witness lots of nudity on the streets. watching TV with families these days is so embarrassing and one has to be alert with remote in hands ready to change the channel.
Mithun Divakaran's picture
by Mithun Divakaran (not verified) on
Ridiculous! Day by day, our freedom of speech is getting repressed by the powers that be because they are too scared to take on the religious nut-jobs in the name of vote bank politics!


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