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Vishwaroopam review: Thriller rides on performances

DC | B.V.S. Prakash | 27th Jan 2013

Cast: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Adrea, Pooja Kumar, Sekhar Kapor, Nasser
Director: Kamal Haasan
Rating: 3 stars

Amidst the ban levied by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Governments, the much-awaited Vishwaroopam, hit the screens in select areas in AP, under tight bandobust. After the disastrous film 'Manmada Baanam', ace actor Kamal Haasan returns as a Muslim RAW agent and impresses with his splendid performance. Actually, more than the jihadi theme, the gripping thriller rides on the brilliant performances by actors Rahul Bose, Sekhar Kapoor and Nasser and some breath-taking emotional drama.

Even though, writer-director Kamal tries to connect the alien story of war between jihadis and Americans, by planting a Telugu-speaking protagonist, as a ‘mole’, in the jihadi camp in Afghanistan, it fails to connect.

However, you could empathise with the pain and anguish of the Muslim community, which is suffering in the hands of the Americans in the desert island, where dreams of youngsters to become doctors or engineers are crushed under the debris of American bombings.

Instead of showing them as American-haters, the director also depicts the human side of the ruthless jihadi leader (Rahul Bose) who repents for the jihadi war. The mission of the RAW agent is to bust the ‘sleeper-cell’ of the jihadis in the US, which is planning to spread nuclear radiation by tying “capsules” on the pigeons in New York and also conduct serial blasts in the happening city. Several jihadis are shown in sick and pathetic condition as they scratch nuclear powder from an oncologist’s machines and store it for a bigger blast.

Fortunately, the suspense saga doesn’t have routine song sequences and clichéd comedy. In fact, there’s subtle humour from the hilarious conversations between the characters. One of the best scenes in the film is that of a young jihadi swinging away, like being in a trance, before the blast of a tanker. Another shows the plight of the grief-stricken mothers, losing their kids in the holy war.

Kamal Haasan, as a director, made a strong statement against capital punishment in Pothuraju and now makes a much stronger statement against guerrilla war between the US and the Afghan rebels, and describes it as a war against “humanism” and fight for control of oil.

Actually, it’s a story of a Kathak dancer (Kamal), who lives in the US and is married to a much younger girl Pooja Kumar, a nuclear oncologist, in a marriage of convenience. She is unhappy with her disinterested husband and has an affair with her rich colleague. He is busy teaching Kathak to Andrea and others.

The death of an informer leads a jihadi group to his house. When Rahul Bose, head of the group, identifies the dancer as a RAW agent, whom he worked with in Afghanistan, Kamal escapes with his wife. What follows is a series of thrilling revelations and suspense that leaves his wife shell-shocked.


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Humanist's picture
by Humanist (not verified) on
Those Who Watched This 'TREMENDOUS MOVIE' (A Crown To Indian Cinema) Will Accept This: Its Very "Clear" that Its NOT AGAINST MUSLIM(Brothers) in the World(NOT 'Only' in INDIA!) Simply,ITS AN "UNPARALLELED MOVIE" TO BE WATCHED!!
HumaneIndian's picture
by HumaneIndian (not verified) on
Films used to have a human/morale touch before, and now it is to ONLY COPY some weird looking story, bare out some female skin, use some KILLING or controversial themes to gain popularity or money for a shorter span.. none of these actors/movies will be remembered after few years.. but they do create turmoil in already TERROR striken lives of common man!
Sunny Poovaiah's picture
by Sunny Poovaiah (not verified) on
An Actor with 53 years of experience in Indian Cinema.... Mr.Kamal Haasan doesn't need publicity now and thanks to Ms.Jayalalitha and those so called Community Leaders who wanted the Ban on this movie...... They themselves have given all the publicity required....... and one last word to you... before you can say a word about Mr.Kamal Haasan, just get to know him.... not as a person but for his passion for Indian and International cinema.....and there after you can think........ whether you are left with any words to address him or not...............
GafoorTrivandrum's picture
by GafoorTrivandrum (not verified) on
This movie is NOT anti-islam. There is a prayer secene where Wisam Ahmad(Kamal) prays just before attacking the terrorists as they were also seen praying. The US police officer describes this to his colleague as "He is praying for all of us".So Islamic prayer is well portrayed in good light. As a patriotic kerala muslim I like it.
Rajaram Coimbatore's picture
by Rajaram Coimbatore (not verified) on
Thanks Gafoor. We are brothers. We are Indians. The false people should not divide us.


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