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Why do people talk during sex?

DC | Dr Narayana Reddy | 25th Jan 2013

Devika has the habit of muttering and crying during sex. Her husband Dev is unable to understand this.

He wondered why on earth people talk and not just do. Why do people talk while having sex? There is no precise answer. Studies which analysed these talking people have come up with some interesting insights.

They have categorized talkers into:


These people are completely lost in the passion of the moment and go all out and express their deepest feelings with intensity during sex.

These verbose types can be again categorised as: The positive ones, who appreciate, encourage and express pleasure. 'Oh! I love you, You are so beautiful!', etc. The negative ones who go 'Couldn't you be a bit more gentle' or 'Why aren't you responding?'

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Nripinder's picture
by Nripinder (not verified) on
Sex is after all a dirty function done with parts of the body that are most often used for excretion. Talking merely serves to get over the natural inhibition of the participants and to reinforce the feeling that both partners are "enjoying it". A corollary is that rape is unnatural in humans as well as in animals no matter how violent the act might seemingly be i.e. female animals are receptive only when in heat


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