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The Manga guru

DC | Conan Mendoza | 13th Jan 2013


Manga is an art that originated in Japan, a medium that includes works in a broad range of genres, ranging from action-adventure to romance and comedy among others, and though this art is confined to the Japanese, Bharat Murthy is one Chennaiite who has made it a part of his life, travelling to Japan to learn it first hand. Art is a medium of truth, he says, “Being an artist means to be able to respond as truthfully as possible to the human condition that we know and experience, and through the material of art, to transform it for the better.” 
Bharat tries to do this through Manga. “I found the techniques of Japanese comics to be well suited to my needs as an artist. Close contact with Manga authors while on a trip to Japan to make a documentary on them helped me a lot. I would like to write narratives using this form, and also publish them as books.” 
A love for the art also saw him find his calling as a Buddhist. “I consider myself a Buddhist, and what the Buddha said in the 5th c. BCE, as recorded in the Pali suttas, is something that has changed my outlook on life and art.” He is keen to stay true to the art form, to “keep drawing comics, not only to get published, but in order to say or express something. It’s important to get over just superhero or mythological tales and focus on the reality in and around oneself.”



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