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Delhi gang-rape: Girl’s murder was Ram Singh’s idea

DC | Pramod Kumar and Hansa Verma | 11th Jan 2013
A woman lights candles in Guwahati in remembrance of the Delhi girl who was gang- raped on a moving bus - AP
A woman lights candles in Guwahati in remembrance of the Delhi girl who was gang- raped on a moving bus - AP


New Delhi: Rape and murder were apparently the intention of the accused who allegedly gang-raped the paramedical student inside a moving bus on December 16.

Police sources revealed that after the gang-rape and brutal assault, it was Ram Singh, the prime accused, who decided to kill her to protect themselves from being identified. They used the torn clothes of the woman and her male friend to clean the bus after they were dumped.

Ram Singh also kept the victim’s debit card as he wanted to go on a ‘shopping spree’ the next day, police sources said.

Police officials handling the case were in complete shock as the savagery of the accused kept unfolding in the course of the probe.

The 23-year-old woman, stripped and pinned down by the accused, continued to fight them. Since she wouldn’t stop screaming after being gang-raped by all six accused, it was Ram Singh who decided to kill her, police sources said.

Incidentally, the other accused, Mukesh, who was driving the bus, handed over the wheels to Ram Singh as he approached the woman to allegedly rape her, police sources said. After this ghastly act, he resumed driving the bus.

He apparently told his accomplice: “If this girl remains alive, we will be caught.” While some of the accused pinned her down to the floor of the bus, Ram Singh in his bid to ‘murder her’, inserted an iron rod in her genitals and pulled out some organs by inserting his hands in her, investigations revealed.

As the woman lay bleeding and unconscious, Ram Singh told the others: “Dekho, ladki mar gayee (Look, the girl is dead)”.

The male friend, a software engineer, had already been beaten unconscious by the accused, the investigations showed.


Accused assumed that victim was run over by bus

The accused had stripped him and had taken his shoes off along with his money and mobile phone. Thinking both were dead, the accused then planned to dispose of the bodies, sources said.

They slowed down the bus near some bushes and tried to open its rear door. As the door did not open, they threw the victim and her friend from the front door. Ram Singh apparently thought if the woman was thrown from the front door, it would be easier to run her over, the police said.

That, did not happen as the male friend, who had by then regained consciousness, pulled her out from under the bus, sources said.

Police sources said the accused ‘must have presumed they had managed to run her over’.

The accused then took the bus to Ravidas Camp, in R.K. Puram Sector 3, where they tried to remove all traces of evidence by cleaning the bus with the torn clothes of the woman and her friend. Before dispersing, the accused shared the booty among themselves.

The young man’s wristwatch, shoes, mobile, and Rs 2,500 in cash (looted from the couple as well as carpenter Ramdhar) were shared between the accused.


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L G Rao's picture
by L G Rao (not verified) on
while I read this article, I feel like abusing our administration, judiciary and political system as to why they are delaying killing this bas....d. Ramsingh who behaved so brutally with this girl jyoti singh pandey. May I KINDLY REQUEST all the judges to award SEVEREST punishment to that animal ramsingh and all the other five (including the so called minor) as well I M M E D I A T E L Y without further delay.
Rahul Devendra Reddy's picture
by Rahul Devendra Reddy (not verified) on
So true.. I can't stop my anger and frsutation while reading this article. Poor girl she was innocent and was dragged into the horror trap by these Animals.. They should be given Capital punishment immediately without any further delay.
TIMUR's picture
by TIMUR (not verified) on
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
All the suspects should be burnt alive, one after the other. Ram Singh should be burnt at the end
VR MADAP's picture
by VR MADAP (not verified) on
This case should get the severe punishment and the sentencing of the punishment should be telecasted live on TV so that it shall create so much fear in the hearts of the people who in their wildest dreams shall even think this act. When ever we have a lousy government fill with oldies we cannot hope any swift movement. What is the judiciary system and the goverment officials waiting for, Will they act when some of their kith and kin would be involved in such incident. Wake up you sleeping power filled people. PLEASE PLEASE take action.
wilson's picture
by wilson (not verified) on
They must be punished in a way that no one had ever experienced. Their wife&daughter and parents should kill them with their hands before everyone. Let god see these murders and forgive them!
Muhammad101's picture
by Muhammad101 (not verified) on
All these animals must be given death sentence. There must be a law from now on that those who rape will be given a death sentence.
helvin's picture
by helvin (not verified) on
Death penalty for rapists should be immediately.Nothing less will suffice for such inhumane and brutal senseless violation of mind and body. Why is the Government still in inertia and not taking swift action even after so much evidence?????
no name's picture
by no name (not verified) on
I agree. the law should be if any person commits such crime and is proven, just straight away take him and hang him in public. No trails and no courts, just drag him to gallows. I really wish whole heartedly for this to be implemented by India.
Muhammed Shakir's picture
by Muhammed Shakir (not verified) on
You know what guys. For years to come you will see these guys not being punished (breathing on our tax money). We are a country of Eunuchs. I despise my self being a part of such a society. We are brave enough when we are in thousands and rape and kill during riots. But as the whole nation unable to deliver justice to one single woman. The case is so open - what kind of justice is this ?
Balaji S's picture
by Balaji S (not verified) on
The accused must be given death penalty for sure but not immediately.. they should be killed slowly and their death sentence (the way they are killed) should give an alarm to any other such cruels to ever think about doing such things to anyother girls. We must beat them to death in public.. When we have strong rules we can stop such stupidity happening in our country to a greater extent. Rather we would now think on how democratic we are and give all fruitful excuses to the accused and make him live all life here.. so he enjoys his life until his death.. STUPIDITY at its best
Madhvi's picture
by Madhvi (not verified) on
Our judicial system is not capable of giving them what they deserve. People need to get together, "kidnap" them from prison and mete out the justice they deserve to them.
Social Worker's picture
by Social Worker (not verified) on
Lawyers are expecting lot of money and fame by supporting these hardcore criminals.Looking at ram singh's face on utube i wonder how any parent could trust their kids with this fellow who has a habitual history of drunk driving,i would not be surprised if he has already abused the school kids and threatened them.Ok,let us take it this way,the victim did a mistake,but is dat the way she needs to be punished and who the hell are these rogues to punish her? Neither God Ram nor even Ravan would have done such a 4th degree torture of an innocent girl.These 6 terrorists have actually re-written the definition of RAPE.Hence they should be given punishments even worse than death."They should live to die everyday"
imrana's picture
by imrana (not verified) on
Seems like the system neither has the security to protect nor it has the courage to punish the culprits.
lolan's picture
by lolan (not verified) on
Death is an easy sentence for such animals. Do the same to their mothers, wives and sisters in front of their eyes and then stone them to death. Then leave their bodies to be eaten up by wild animals.
Sarah Mc's picture
by Sarah Mc (not verified) on
I wish we had options in the us for chemical castration...rather than hang them, guaranteeing a swift painless death, these men should all be administered this chemical castration option & thrown in the maximum security prisons for the us even the prison inmates do not like this sort of thing & classify it as the ultimate fowl weather it be a woman or child, & have tendencies to "get even" with those who have committed such a crime...I believe they should be left to suffer this young womans fate for the remainder of their lifetimes. This is heart wrenching. Perhaps someone can convince the magistrate of this?
Average Abe's picture
by Average Abe (not verified) on
Stop playing 'ping pong'. If you have found the guys who are responsible for this dastardly, cowardly deed, then get on with it!! I have a suggestion. Maybe they are good guys really, deep down in their hearts!! What made them do it is another par of their anatomy. Help them and get rid of that part that turned them into beasts. That way, it will be the first lesson to others who have the same problem, and they will either take corrective action before they lose the troublesome part ....or if they remain idiots..actually lose it!! And our women will walk any way they choose without fear. The public conscience will also be appeased because we were not responsible for taking a life, In fact we offered people with defective human parts a free operation to eradicate the malaise!!
Ashamed to be an Indian's picture
by Ashamed to be a... (not verified) on
In addition to severest possible punishment to these idiots I demand all those insensible political and official morons to be stripped of their positions with no provision to be reinstated.These political buffoons utter sheer non-sense as if that was the girls fault.One suggests the girl should beg and other suggests the girl should have surrendered herself demeaning the dignity of a woman.
no name's picture
by no name (not verified) on
I don't think these horrible creatures (I cannot call them animals as even the most dangerous animal cannot come close to these "b.....ds") should be even be trialed in court. They should be handed over to the girl's family and to public and let the public decide what to do with them. Death is an easy punishment, they will suffer just for few seconds, for what they have commited they cannot get this off so easily. And it is UTTER SHAME that some lawyers are defending them even after knowing everything. I think first these lawyers should be punished fo not having any morals. I am really ashamed to be an Indian, with this kind of judiciary and law system. SHAME ON EVRY LAW PERSON AND EVERY LAW DEPARTMENT. Leave alone not able to help/save the girl, now OUR GREAT LAW is humiliating her more by delaying the justice to her death. VERY VERY VERY SADDENED BY OUR LAW, GOD HELP INDIA AND OUR FUUTRE GENERATIONS.....
its such a shame's picture
by its such a shame (not verified) on
only sharia has a fitting answer for such might sound severe but it is the need of hour.Behead them in public on the same location where they threw the girl. Along with behead all those rapists who dishonerd women during gujrat riots.
meghnarr's picture
by meghnarr (not verified) on
I really hate the Suvar ka bachha Lawyer for defending them and his comments... wo suvar bhi ramsingh jaisa hi dikta
Good hope's picture
by Good hope (not verified) on
They should be killed slowly.... Inch by inch. Maybe castrate them straight away and sentence them to death after 3 years of hard labour 6am to midnight in prison.. The idea of living a hard life deprived with the knowledge that there is no hope is more torturous than death.
anan's picture
by anan (not verified) on
why still waiting will they do same if this happened some of the politicians family?!! bastards sons of bitches. they should be hanged as well as the lawyers who are supporting these bastards.
Not necessary's picture
by Not necessary (not verified) on
Dont waste ur energy... If Govindachamy of the soumya rape and murder case in Kerala( who murdered the victim by smashing a stone on her head after raping her) can enjoy in prison like he did never before in his life (he put on 8 kgs of weight after being sentenced and while in prison...), I wonder how our government will be punishing these bastards.... We are the ones who elect these so called morons in our political system standing for hours... So we should be punished.. The sheer disrespect and fearlessness towards our judiciary can be judged by the fact that even after such extreme measures were discussed in all medias for rape accused, an average 1-2 rape cases have been reported daily after this incident in newspapers..... Congratulations to our corrupt chauvinistic political system....
Pritilota's picture
by Pritilota (not verified) on
first of all some minor who actualy did the most brutal thing will be allowed to be free from severe punishments as he is 17 yrs and 6 months!! that wat the indian government says! i mean wat da frigging hel?!
Vicky11's picture
by Vicky11 (not verified) on
India needs a BIG shake up. Imagine the dumb lawyer ML Sharma saying that he is not aware of any respected lady has been raped (even if this was for pure publicity) --- how can someone stoop so low. I wish I have the opportunity to ask this idiot one day in the future - Hey what now ? Is your wife or daughter not a respected lady - why did this ghappen to them then.
being human's picture
by being human (not verified) on
Hang them .@t India Gate Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Rama Bulusu's picture
by Rama Bulusu (not verified) on
Wonder why this case is not concluded by punishing the culprits ......I thought it was put on a fat track .....justice delayed is justice denied !


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