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Sedition case against Akbaruddin Owaisi

DC | U. Sudhakar Reddy and Pillalamarri Srinivas | 10th Jan 2013
MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi being sent to Adilabad district jail after his arrest - PTI
MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi being sent to Adilabad district jail after his arrest - PTI


Hyderabad/Adilabad: The police slapped sedition and conspiracy charges on MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi on Wednesday, alleging that he conspired to spread communal hatred though his ‘hate speeches in multiple places’ and ‘shared the dais with many people’. This is the first time in the state that an MLA has been booked for sedition.

Owaisi was remanded to 14 days judicial custody by the magistrate of Nirmal munsif court, Mr K. Ajesh Kumar, on Wednesday, at 5.15 am.

The police added Section 124 A (sedition), 120 B (criminal conspiracy), 188 (disobeying the orders promulgated by public servant), 295 A (deliberate and malicious act to outrage religious feelings), 505 (public mischief) on Wednesday in the remand diary. This is in addition to Sections 121 (waging war against the nation) and 153 A IPC (creating enmity between communities) that Owaisi and others were initially charged with.

Justifying the additional charges, Adilabad police superintendent Sarvasreshta Tripathi said, “The conspiracy and sedition section are added as he was going on giving these speeches at multiple places and many people were involved in these. Though the permission was granted for the meeting, the rules were violated for which 188 Section was added. We have sought seven days police custody.”

The Adilabad police grilled Owaisi throughout Tuesday night and re-corded his statement. He was sent to Adilabad district jail after being remanded. The jail authorities have asked for additional security for the jail as Mr Owaisi is facing threats.

Another MIM leader, Azeem Bin Yahiya, who is said to have organised the meeting at which the controversial speech was made, was arrested by Nirmal police on Wednesday.


HC admits plea on multiple FIRs

Hyderabad: The AP High Court on Wednesday admitted a writ petition filed by arrested MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi, seeking a direction to the police not to issue multiple FIRs on his alleged hate speech.

Owaisi’s counsel Seetha Rama Murthy told the court that two cases were registered at the Nirmal rural police station in Adilabad district, and Nizamabad Two Town police station on two speeches he made on Dec. 8 and Dec. 22 last.

He said more than one FIR cannot be registered with respect to the same occurrence. But the OU police had registered an FIR under IPC Section 153A and summoned him to appear on January 10.

The judge said that those aspects would be examined later and issued notices to the home department and police of Nirmal, Nizamabad and OU and others directing them to file their counter-affidavits.

In the course of the proceedings, Justice Narasimha Reddy passed strictures on the speech and said that it was not in good taste.

Referring to the alleged derogatory remarks about Lord Rama, the judge said, “He did not spare Rama, but today two Ramas came to his rescue by arguing the case before me.” D.V. Seetha Rama Murthy, former advocate-general, is appearing as senior counsel for Owaisi, and Mr C. Ramachandra Raju is advocate on record.

The judge said he had heard the speech and questioned how a public representative could make such comments in a public speech.

Citing the remarks of the MLA about the hanging of 9/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab, the judge said, “He spoke as if he were not an Indian while making a reference to Kasab,” the judge said. “The MLA should not forget that the police actually protected him when there was a gruesome attack against him a couple of years ago,” the judge added.


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Vicky Donor's picture
by Vicky Donor (not verified) on
It is shameful on the part of Rama Murthy and Ramachandra Raju who are defending Akbaruddin Owaisi.
SambasivaraoJ's picture
by SambasivaraoJ (not verified) on
Government should wake up to bring in law which is applicable for all Indians. Means all people living in India. Different communities follow differently, then they are not Indians. Why Govt is shying away from this ??? Sambasivarao
IndianS's picture
by IndianS (not verified) on
He clearly differentiated the country in his speech as if he belonged and born in a different country, came and conquered this country and ruled it for 1000 years. He also called the Indian Army Namard. Apart from this he mommented on Sri Ram, His Mother, temples, Hindu festivals, people and so on. He deserved to be punished without bail.
samaeul's picture
by samaeul (not verified) on
DEAR judges why akbar gave hate speech,before making this speech he saw the CD pertaining to gujrat riots in which sevel muslims were killed and many muslim women raped and killed and shops of muslims were burnt and demolishing of babri masjid apart from this the extension of temple at charminar was made cm kiran kumar reddy by neglecting the orders of supreme court,if rama or krishna,brahma,hanuman,etc also see that CDS they will give speeches more than that.
sagar meh's picture
by sagar meh (not verified) on
how about RAM JETHMALANI recent COMMENTS on RAM. Mr justice narshima reddy?
iwantpeaceinindia's picture
by iwantpeaceinindia (not verified) on
Akbaruddin is a manufacturer of terrorists....he should be hanged till death or he should be sentenced rest of his life... its not just Akbaruddin, any political leader causes religious tension should be treated the same way... there is no concept of hindus or muslims... its just good people or bad people... Akbar is a bad india
Dare Devil's picture
by Dare Devil (not verified) on
It's not a matter of good or bad people. Its all the political game by congress and BJP. If Akbaruddin is terrorist... what you will say about Narendar Modi, Praveen Togadia, Advani, Raja Singh. Why government fail to arrest this culprits.
123Sharath's picture
by 123Sharath (not verified) on
You people are missing the point. Dont forget that leaders have been arrested all the time for hate speeches. But no one openly threatens other communities like Akbarudding did. There is speculation that other leaders have organized communal riots and appropriate cases are registered and investigation is ongoing and if proof is found, they will be punished Communal violence is one aspect, treason and sedition and civil war is another aspect. Get your heads straight. None of the other leaders ever threatened the sovereignty of the country. In fact their fight is against those who put their beliefs above the country. This man openly issued massacre threats and statements that amount to treason and sedition. That is a far bigger crime than criticizing another religion. He made his religion bigger than the country and hence deserves to be hanged, as do everyon that support him. As for Modi, Advani and others, hang them too if proof is found. If you have evidence, use it, otherwise, remain quiet.
Common Man's picture
by Common Man (not verified) on
Don't forgot he is politican, And in our country politican can do anything.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think who r commenting here r not aware of situation prevailing in hyd. Since years Riots r goin on since more than 2 years now N this speech was a result of oppression caused by our so called police ... Many masjids were burnt , muslims were arrested on no criminal basis , police shot our brothers though they were innocent , bombings took place in makkah masjid :( illegal constructions are done near charminar our historical monument ... We have lots of space in hyd. Then y construct any worship place in centre of the road .. We already hav many worship places near charminar ... I m juz an indian ni love my country .. i want peace n harmony I m common man i havta wrk vry hard to look afta family ... Please be just to every1 !!! I hope my comment hurt any1 but i really wanted every1 2 know the situation from 2 sides but not 1 sided which is telecasted on national channels
Rama Chandra's picture
by Rama Chandra (not verified) on
People are much concern of the community affecting due in some where maymanmar and not all concern about the hindus affecting in pakistan or the temples affecting in pakistan and other islamic countries... take an example of budds statue which was biggest in the world was demolished by islamic terrorist and many temples demolished during mughal period by idotic waste ismalic kings..... my question why only people related to islam are dying more and more due to terrorist activities and why are not developing.
MR 's picture
by MR (not verified) on
Dont leave these rowdies imprision them for life ,this should become a lesson for those who hate the country and their own people . In the name of religion they made millions ,congress govt sheilded them for years has increased their confidence that they can do anything and everything to harm their own country men. Police and govt shouldn't take this easy show their sincereity and concern to the security of the country.they should also investigate their relations with terrorists and other ties with thughs , i bet they do carry out lot of illegal activities and shelter terrorists.
Secular's picture
by Secular (not verified) on
his comments are nothing compared to the acts of RSS/VHP/BJPs terrorist leaders like modi, advani etc....... they are responsible for killing thousands of innocent people brutally.... unfortunately the govt of this great country is blind.. andha khanoon......... who see but see not, who hear but hears not.........strange but true......... if u see the gujrat riots, the mass killings after the demolishion of babri masjid......... u will notice that these saffron terrorists have actually destroyed the minorities, and still they are moving freely....... but when someone says something against them, they treat him as if they are pure and sinless.......... Iam too against abusing other communities, even iam against disrespecting any religion, but IF AKBARUDDIN OWAISI DESERVES 14 DAYS JUDICIAL CUSTODY, THEN NARENDRA MODI DESERVES LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT OR HANGED TILL DEATH.
Proud to be an Indian...........'s picture
by Proud to be an ... (not verified) on
For Akbaruddin owaisi there is a FIR lodged and he was arrested. There are so many FIRs pending in PS after Pravin Togodia why don't media shows that. Why Kiran govt built temple going against the order of the court. Why dont you arrest Modi who is the key player in Gujarat riots. Why only Muslims are targeted. When you look from the prospective of the secular nation, please arrest everyone and especially media why media only shows one sided news, why don't you shows two sided news. After arrest of the MLA, there was one person who was making hate speeches, asking to beat Muslims, what that means. A REQUEST TO ELECTRONIC MEDIA, PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ANYONE LET IT BE ANY RELIGIOUS UNLESS UNTIL YOU HAVE A CLEAR PICTURE OF IT. PLEASE REVIEW THE BOTH PARTIES BEFORE GIVING YOUR VERDICT.
123Sharath's picture
by 123Sharath (not verified) on
There are also non-bailable arrest warrants pending against the Shahi Imam of Delhi. The only reason police cannot execute the warrant is the blood bath that will occur from the muslim backlash. If these people were not so fanatic and playing perpetual victims when they themselves are the aggressors, our nation would be so much better.
Abid Khan Dam's picture
by Abid Khan Dam (not verified) on
oOh see First time one muslim leader stand against the anti muslim leaders and all indians getting pain, surprise i did not see this people when Togadia Umabharti Bal Thakray say somthing about muslims see now from everywher all are atacking mulims be secular if you have done this when togadia umabharti thakray modi spitting poision against muslims shame on you people.
Rama Chandra's picture
by Rama Chandra (not verified) on
Just go to history and check the history you will understand what is what.
An Indian's picture
by An Indian (not verified) on
Before making any comments please be aware of the situation. Dont just post your comments simply and the speech is obviously a result of the police who is one sided. Just look the issue from two side and then take the decision. So many peoples were killed in makkah masjid blast instead of helping the people, police fired at them. Is this the way of treating a citizen. It looks like "Jallianwala Bagh" tragedy where General Dyer ordered to fired at the people. Here the same thing happened. PLEASE OPEN BOTH THE EYES AND LOOK INTO EVERY POINT BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION.
Gowher's picture
by Gowher (not verified) on
Not a single word of Akbaruddin Owaisi is baseless. His speech is very much true. Truth is always bitter. He is from rich back ground and owns 2000 crore property then why should he come up with such speech to put himself in trouble, because he has power of belief in Allah. He sacrificed his freedom by giving this speech for the sake of his community. Our community is being crushed and deprived of their rights. This is nothing, India has to face lot. There are lot of hate speeches on youtube from RSS, BJP and other criminal leaders and there is no action against them. ?????????????????????
CVN Narasimha's picture
by CVN Narasimha (not verified) on
Without Police Akbaruddin would have been dead long ago. Without Congress Government, he would have been arrested long ago. without citizenship of this country and all that this country provided him he would not have been worth a penny from his birth itself, even if he was born in Pakistan. and Without grace of Lord Rama he would not have found a lawyer to try and protect him.
Jimmy Khan 's picture
by Jimmy Khan (not verified) on
Wrong to blame only Akbaruddin Owasi for the hate speech ... why only target Akbar. there is a large band wagon of Hindu terror groups and parties not only make hate speeches againt muslim but also openly incite voilence and killed many indian citizens with their hate agenda... leading the killers and hate mongers band is Gujrath Modi. he lead a whole bunch of hindu terror groups with state police help to butcher more than 2000 muslims on the pre text of train burning. Isn it this gujrath genocide amount to sedation and war against nation by Modi.. Thakreys lead another hindu group and terrorists with hate speechs and Venom in mumbai and killed thousand of muslims ... this also do not amount to sedation & war agiant nation. more over the biggest hate monger of over time Advani go scotch free.... after his hate and terror rath yatra againt muslims ... which lead to trail of blood bath and killing at every palaces the yatra moves.... last 25 years we have seen a very long list of hate speechs by hindu terror groups agiant muslims and Islam by, RSS, BJp , VHP, SS and many others .... none of these bought to record as their victims & suffers are only Indian Muslims...BJP and RSS mided hateful people have sown the seed of deep distrust and hate againt muslims in common hindus for cheap political gains and for Hindu vote bank. Media & police is baised and partial. dont foget RSS terrorism started by killing father of nation and continue till now with the bomb blast nation wide as per NIA .... Akbaeuddin is lynched by media, BJP, hindu terror groups... becoz he is soft target.. Politics of hate and killing is RSS & BJP inherint nature.
Rama Chandra's picture
by Rama Chandra (not verified) on
You are true Mr Jimmy, But is it true to speak about gods and people sentiments and do you support it if so then you should also face same kind of consequences. dont compare people with one other if the law is there make same kind to everyone and implement same on every one... but dont ever support f..king pakistan... every ... they are b...teds..
AhmedIndian's picture
by AhmedIndian (not verified) on
He didnt support pakistan. if he supports then he is wrong. but i saw the full video. what he said was this- u will hang a pakistani if he kills a hindustani (kasab), but if a hindustani kills hindustani u will make him PM (Modi). apart from this, he never spoke of pakistan.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
this whole episode is going to help MIM in next elections, after cong,ysr cong,tdp the fourth largest party will be MIM in 2014
hyderabadiiiiiii's picture
by hyderabadiiiiiii (not verified) on
Yes... i agree with you.... Congress knows that they are not going to win in next elections. so they are taking revenge from MIM.
SAMRIZ's picture
by SAMRIZ (not verified) on
The court should also direct the ED to look into his finances too. How he has managed to accumulate wealth without even being in the government to assume corruption. Maybe he is involved with the underworld and other enemies of the nations and is conspiring with them. Investigations need to be conducted to ascertain how he managed to acquire properties in places like London. This crook and others like him irrespective of religious and party affiliations need to dealt strictly. Media should highlight the hate mongering of other people like Tagodia and also refer to him as a "Hatemonger".
Born Indian's picture
by Born Indian (not verified) on
The case against Akabarruddin should be treated with utmost seriousness and his links with other countries should also be investigated. His comments is like going back to decades where Hitler tried to wipe out one race over other race. If he were to be elected into the assembly it is as good as allowing any terrorist to destruct our own Indian community where muslims are also part of it. We are very proud to show to the world how Hindu and Muslims are living amicably but person like Akbaruddin is planning to destroy relationship. He should be punished with utmost severity as he is representing assembly and should not let him go without punishment. If court let him go without punishment he will bounce and he will not hesitate to wipe out entire nation.
Randy's picture
by Randy (not verified) on
If you don't like India leave. It is unfortunate that people misuse the liberty. What can you expect from Timoor decendents.


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