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Delhi gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

PTI | 29th Dec 2012
A view during the night of the Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore - AP
A view during the night of the Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore - AP

Singapore: The 23-year-old victim of the brutal gang-rape and assault in Delhi that had triggered an outrage across India died early this morning here after putting up a brave battle for life for nearly a fortnight.

The girl, who was admitted to the well-known multi-organ transplant facility Mount Elizabeth Hospital here on Thursday morning in an extremely critical condition, breathed her last at 4:45 AM (2:15 AM India time). She was earlier treated at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

"We are very sad to report that the patient passed away peacefully at 4.45am on 29 Dec 2012 (Singapore time)," the hospital's Chief Executive Officer Dr Kelvin Loh said in a statement.

"Her family and officials from the High Commission of India were by her side. The Mount Elizabeth Hospital team of doctors, nurses and staff join her family in mourning her loss," the statement said.

Brain swelling led to death

Serious swelling in the brain resulting from the cardiac arrest she suffered a few days ago was an ‘important cause’ that led to the death of 23-year-old gang-rape victim who fought for her life with ‘great fortitude and courage’.

Cerebral edema, a condition characterised by excess accumulation of water in the intracellular or extracellular spaces of the brain, proved fatal in the case of the paramedic student who was airlifted to Singapore on Wednesday night for specialised treatment.

The young girl suffered a cardiac arrest on Tuesday night which caused severe injuries to her brain as well.

Complications in brain along with multi-organ failure took the life of the victim at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

"Brain injury is an important cause for the death. She suffered a cardiac arrest at Safdarjung Hospital on Tuesday. This could have caused the brain injury and she also suffered from multi-organ failure," Dr Yatin Mehta, Chairman Institute of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology at Medanta Medicity, told the media.

He said that in such cases the death is finally due to cardiac arrest.

Mehta, who was by the side of the girl in the air ambulance in which she was airlifted to Singapore, said the girl's blood pressure was normal and her heart was pumping blood till last evening when he had left Singapore for India.

"Her lungs were infected slightly yesterday but her blood pressure was normal," he said, adding that she was an ‘extremely brave girl’ and a ‘role model’ who fought back after suffering grievous injuries.

Cerebral edema is a serious medical condition where there is way more fluid in the skull than there should be causing swelling in brain which compromises its own blood flow.

The body has been moved to the mortuary in the Singapore General Hospital and will be flown back to India by a chartered plane. Accompanied by her family, the body is expected to arrive in Delhi in the night.

President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and a host of political leaders condoled the death of the girl and paid rich tributes to the victim of the sexual assault for her brave fight.

The girl was raped and brutally assaulted in a moving bus by six men in Delhi on December 16 and thrown out along with her companion.

Indian High Commissioner T.C.A Raghavan told reporters that the family was yet to decide on the plans for the last rites back home.

He said the girl fought a brave battle till the end. She was brought to Singapore for being provided good medical treatment.

The envoy "The family is shattered by this development. At the same time, they realised that best possible medical attention was given. And in the end it was the scale of injuries that proved too much for the medical attention provided to her".

He said the final few hours was a trying time for the girl's family and they bore the entire process with a great deal of fortitude and courage.

Raghavan said he has passed on the condolence message of the Prime Minister to the family in which he had spoken of the desire to make India a demonstrably better and safe place for women to live in.

Raghavan said the High Commission has received numerous messages from various quarters including the Singapore government deeply mourning the death.

He appreciated the help extended by the Singapore Foreign Ministry, the government and the Mount Elizabeth Hospital for all their support in the last two days.

Replying to questions on the shifting of the girl from Delhi to Singapore, he said consultations were held between doctors of Safdarjung hospital and Mount Elizabeth Hospital and they must have given full thought to it before taking it.

Asked whether doctors felt that she could have died to her shift from Delhi to Singapore, Raghavan said "no such sentiments was expressed to me. Both the doctors (P K Verma of Safdarjung and Yatin Mehta of Medanta Medicity) said she was very badly injured in the assault of December 16 night".

He said the best possible treatment was given to the girl in Delhi and in Singapore and the cause of her death was ‘the injuries she sustained’.

"All possible medical efforts were made to treat the injuries. The efforts were not successful in helping her to overcome the injuries," he said.

Declining to go into the details of the family, he said they had requested that the privacy of their identity be protected.

Meanwhile, the hospital added: "We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked to care for her in her final struggle. We acknowledge the faith the Indian Government and the patient's family have placed with us to ensure the best care possible was indeed provided to her at Mount Elizabeth Hospital".

"We share their huge sadness at her passing and will work with the High Commission of India to provide the family support in this time of grief," said Dr Loh.

Late last night, the hospital said the condition of the rape victim had taken a ‘turn for the worse’.

"As of 9 pm (6:30 PM IST), the patient's condition has taken a turn for the worse. Her vital signs are deteriorating with signs of severe organ failure," Loh had said in a statement.

"This is despite doctors fighting for her life including putting her on maximum artificial ventilation support, optimal antibiotic doses as well as stimulants which maximise her body's capability to fight infections," the CEO had said.

During her treatment in Safdarjung Hospital, the girl's condition had recorded several ups and downs. Three days after the attack, her gangrenous intestine was removed. The beastial attack on the girl and her male friend in the bus had sparked off protests by students and women activists which took a violent turn in the capital last Saturday and Sunday.

Death for rapists was one of the demands of the protesters and the victim's demise could trigger fresh display of emotions on the streets.

One of the Delhi police constables Subhash Chand Tomar died in a government hospital on Tuesday and the post-mortem report had said that he had suffered a cardiac arrest from complications arising out of injuries on his chest and neck.

Shaken by the public outrage, government constituted a Commission of Inquiry into the incident and also set up a three-member Committee under former Supreme Court Chief Justice A.S. Anand to look into the possibility of rewriting the laws relating to aggravated sexual assault and enhancing penalty for it.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday demanded speedy action against the perpetrators of the ‘barbarous’ attack while Prime Minister said the government was committed to bringing the guilty to justice as soon as possible.



Goodbye, India's brave fighter

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Esr's picture
by Esr (not verified) on
RIP dear. You deserve a far better place than this nasty world.
tsa champ's picture
by tsa champ (not verified) on
It's very sad To say the gang rape victim has passed away. She was a very brave girl who fought for her life so much. "REST IN PEACE". !!!! :( I only pray that those ppl should be hanged immediately today !!!!! :'(
Raghav Blore's picture
by Raghav Blore (not verified) on
What are you still waiting for? Prime minister/president/ministers of our country: hang the rapists NOW
priy's picture
by priy (not verified) on
they have to be killed by the public or by the brave girl parents, they have no rights to live in this world nasty fellows I pray god to give peace for our soul.
Patrick 's picture
by Patrick (not verified) on
Media and public should continue to put pressure on the Govt. for swift punishment of the criminals. May God give strength to the family members of the victim.
Srini V's picture
by Srini V (not verified) on
Most profound condolences to Amanat's family. Words fail to express my sorrow. Cannot imagine what they went/are going thru and what Amanat had to undergo. May her soul rest in peace. - We gloat about our culture, we worship Devi, we call our land Bharat Maa BUT We are are monsters when it comes to women/ girl child - in all sections of society. Till we change ourselves and become more human - India will continue to be more and more despicable. Everyone needs to change and teach values of living beyond our physical selves, to the young or else there is no hope...we are more passionate about a stupid game of cricket than about passing on meaningful value systems to posterity....Amanat wanted to live - all of you reading have this gift - please do not let it waste away - that would be your greatest tribute to her.... Srini V
Ekta's picture
by Ekta (not verified) on
RIP dear. Its very sad news what a brave girl she was .
kot's picture
by kot (not verified) on
Rest in peace dear.. Hope those bastards are brutally tortured and murdered..
Zaman's picture
by Zaman (not verified) on
One should not call her a GANG RAPED VICTIM however she fought for her life for almost 12 to 13 days,The SIX ANIMALS should be hanged immediately.
Muntaha's picture
by Muntaha (not verified) on
Not hanged. The punishment for rapists should be castration, and their genitals should be surgically removed. Castration (and removal of the penis) was an ancient punishment done in many places (like China) for crimes such as adultery and rape. I say, bring it back. For the case of rape, there is no other form of FAIR punishment than this. Remove their penises, stick their pictures on walls and all over media (so that people know who they are), and let them live.
unknown's picture
by unknown (not verified) on
i feel very sorry for the girl and pray for her peace, but what about the girls who was raped and burnt alive in there own house infornt of there parents in gujrat why nobody come forward at that time ask justice for them even today nobody asking justice for them why this diffrence is there, are they not females, there is no case file for that people who did all this even police also support them, when ur talking about justice then ask for everybody not for one
L G Rao's picture
by L G Rao (not verified) on
May god keeps her soul in peace. May her family members be blessed with the courage to face this grave situation. God is kind to her by taking her to a better place than India, which is full of crooked politicians like Pranab Mukherjee, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dixit, Rahul Gandhi etc., Mera Bharat Mahan.
sob's picture
by sob (not verified) on
No, Hanging them is like giving them an easy way out of this world, look how the victim suffered to her death. They should be medically/chemically/surgically castrated and then given life imprisonment!
Priya Poonacha's picture
by Priya Poonacha (not verified) on
Her soul will rest in peace only when the monsters who did this to are brutally punished.
john691's picture
by john691 (not verified) on
Now is the rime to react and not forget. Most of the crimes happen when congress is the ruling government. In few days time it will all be forget. May her soul rest in peace
Desi's picture
by Desi (not verified) on
Indian culture about introspection and looking inwards. There is no better time for those than now. How did we come to this as a culture, as a nation?
Mohammad Jaleel Ahmed's picture
by Mohammad Jaleel... (not verified) on
To the people ,We are talking about our Country and Capital Delhi..when people are not secured in the capital state of the country, then question is How secured our country is? Can the govt really provide us security to any national threat.Is our police a shelter for common man or Politicians..? Various questions my friends ...RIP...Brave girl...
Atiq's picture
by Atiq (not verified) on
This was an example of very inhuman and unwanted incident to any society. The root cause of such incident will be explored by the sociologists. But as a general people I have something in my mind to share with you please. Look at the today’s electronic media which is very much important and influential to everybody’s daily life, we are watching commercial adds, dramas, movies continuously which are creating very high degree of sexual desires. The people who are not educated properly or bad or even who are good in all respect may commit such crime after an effect of such level of desires in his mind. My question is, aren’t we producing rapist silently. What you think? My opinion is please stop transmitting such type of adds or programs or movies immediately.
Akramdesi's picture
by Akramdesi (not verified) on
May her soul rest in peace, may Almighty giver her parents strength to over come this loss.
Avadhoot's picture
by Avadhoot (not verified) on
She was indeed a brave girl. I really have no words to describe her bravery. First of all, she fought with the coward, inhuman rascals in the bus. Then, inspite of enduring unimaginable pain, she continued with her life for 13 days. 'Hanging the rapists would be the best justice to her'. I myself was shocked when I heard the news of her death. Her life was indeed a great story of determination and bravery. It's high-time now. The government should change it's laws completely regarding rapes. The best punishment for a rapist is capital punishment. Once again, a salute to that brave girl. May her soul rest in peace. I also pray in a special way for her family-members that they may be given the strenght to bear this loss. I can write pages and pages about her bravery. But, as of now, this much is enough...


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