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Call girls in Hyderabad

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This is Tina’s third trip to Hyderabad. She arrived in the afternoon through a well-tested technique, online booking of airlines and hotels, which helps her evade formal identification while checking in. 
“I book my hotel online and then I show frontdesk the receipt because they have deals with online travel firms.  This helps me avoid the checks on guests.” And that’s not the only tip 22-year-old Tina, from Chennai, has picked up over her four years of being a “guy’s best friend”. “I started out in college. The first wad of cash was irresistible and I bought gifts for my brother and mum. She did ask me how I paid for the two silk sarees. I just told her I was freelancing.”
After meeting over 30 clients in Chennai, Tina was introduced to a few 'seniors' in Hyderabad. “It’s a nice city. I was in Bengaluru too but Hyderabad ‘pays more’ and unlike Chennai, the clients here are more flashy. I have been to some really nice homes here and I was also given an iPad by a very nice man.”
When Tina returns to Chennai after her 'New Year break', she hopes to add over a lakh, and much more, to her bank account. A probe into the city’s ‘hooking-up’ scene and DC can reveal there are at least 50 high-class operators around Tank Bund, Filmnagar, the airport, Hitec City and Gachibowli. 
Tina claims to know four other girls, one an NRI. “We are good friends. She always lets me know which party to check out and has even helped me choose clothes. Clothes are very important. If you check my bag, there are only fancy clothes... no pajamas, or shorts to relax.”
But to relax, Tina will have to be extremely careful too. “Once I was secretly videotaped in Bengaluru. And the ‘boy’ started blackmailing me. I rushed to one of ‘my brothers’ and they immediately contacted him and threatened him with consequences.
“It’s better in Hyderabad, because the clients and my handlers share a good rapport and once you are set, there will be more work.”
It’s true, because in March, Tina is being flown to Singapore by an ‘IT client’ for a ‘business meeting’. “He is always dressed in a suit but he refuses to meet me outside.”
Hotels are where first contact is always established. A manager at a city hotel helps shed more light into this world of STD booths, “parked cars”, and long waits at hospitals.
“A girl once showed up at our hotel asking for room 212. When I called up the guest, he said it was for a meeting, but at one in the morning, it’s too early for a powerpoint presentation. I told her to leave but then she took me to a window and pointed to a red Swift parked outside. She told me to go talk to them. I was powerless. After 40 minutes, she left the building.”
The menacing nature of this industry is further explained by “Pooja”, now in her 14th year of ‘operations’.
“We are the reason why the world still has STD booths and payphones,” she says smiling, adding that the Hyderabad market is much more stronger now due to mobile phones and computers.
“Our clients are also much younger. I was once called to a dance party in the city and the boy was 19. He calls me even now but the young ones are risky.
They get too attached and use Facebook.”
Pooja also writes poetry in her spare time and she’s just started her fifth one, Raat ke kaminey. “I’m also planning to write a script for Tollywood. They can use my inputs for a good movie.”
So, what did she think of Kareena in Talaash? “We don’t talk so much with our clients and she’s too thin. Bollywood needs to tell the real story and I would like Bipasha Basu to play my character.”
But what is it with Pooja and hospitals? She laughs as she recounts her early days. “We always wait at hospitals between sessions. Hospitals are always full of people, day or night, and nobody bothers you with questions. You just tell them you are a patient’s relative and you give them a room number.
Whenever my dad used to call, he found me waiting at hospitals. It was scary and he was starting to get suspicious about the clothes too and how often I would wash them.” 
Keeping this life hidden is priority number one for the two women, obviously.
“In Hyderabad, people drive their cars really fast. I get very scared because if we crash, I’d rather die than explain to the police my links with the driver and the men in the back seat,” says Tina.
“I also have to watch out for relatives, friends. NOBODY knows that I’m doing this. If my parents find out, they will definitely kill me.”
Pooja, meanwhile, wants Tina to leave this profession as soon as possible — even if the two have never met.
“The police will never listen to her if something bad happens. She needs to continue studies and get married. Good men are hard to find.” 



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by aftab (not verified) on
"Good men are hard to find.” Definitely for women like you.
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by Jack (not verified) on
Call Girl: "A female prostitute, especially one who is hired by telephone"
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by d. vijayanand (not verified) on
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by Rama1212 (not verified) on
People like you will think that "all the world around you is as dirty as you.But the fact you are missing is 'you are not right'.If your mother is like you,where will you keep your head? MY BEST SUGGESTION IS DON'T GET MARRY.You will pollute the future generation. Few Q's that you need to ask yourself is... 1.Are you an ORPHAN? 2.Are you starving for food? 3.Is this your passion?
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by London Lad (not verified) on
Everyone has to earn a living, some are more fortunate than others in how they make their living, usually based on a more than fortunate upbringing. It is so easy to judge someone by what they do, without the human understanding of why they do it. Everyone deserves being treated fairly and with understanding, we all do what we have to just to get by.


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