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Device helps them find a voice

DC | 17th Dec 2012

Bengaluru: Communicating has always been a problem for the speech and hearing impaired. The sign language does come to their rescue, but only if they are communicating with those able to understand it.

Now helping them overcome this handicap is a device, Communication Glove,  which seems all set to  revolutionise the way the deaf and dumb communicate, by recognising the sign language and converting it into alphabets and numericals for any ordinary person to read and understand. The translation is also converted into a voice output , making communication even easier for the mute.

The portable device that costs around Rs. 8,000 and can be worn on the body, was developed in  a little over three months by Shashank Deshpande, an engineering student from a small town in Hubli.

Any mute person, he claims, can now communicate with a normal person using this device as it converts the universal sign language into alphanumerical characters that are presented as text display and a voice output using dual access accelerometers of 5.0 volts.   The whole device works within split seconds with 99 per cent efficiency, he says.

“I was in Chennai six months ago when I saw some deaf and dumb children having great difficulty communicating with normal people. So I decided to innovate and develop this Communication Glove,” explains the budding scientist. The device can also be interfaced with a computer or any other external pheriperal device  to help the deaf and dumb send emails and so on.

Successfully tested on the deaf and dumb children of Deeds Public Charitable Trust, Mumbai , Communication Glove will be launched early January 2013. “The device meets the requirements and so has measurable market credibility,” says Shashank.


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