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Is God just an idea?

DC | Ram Gopal Varma | 16th Dec 2012

Ram Gopal Varma: It is often wondered where ideas and con cepts come from. The buzz phrases today at all kinds of conferences, dumb and dumber, are, “Let's brainstorm“ or “Let's ideate.“

Whatever that means.

According to me ideas are as natural as breathing. From the very beginning of existence, since man was endowed with intelligence -unlike animals -began to think. He was curious about his surroundings and himself. He was bewildered by the things that were out of his reach, like the sun, the moon, and the stars, and was amazed by the power of the wind which he couldn't see. Whenever he came across gigantic mountains, he was awestruck... Whenever strange phenomenon occurred in the atmosphere, such as thunderstorms, he would be scared of the immense power they exhibited.

Slowly, an idea originated in him that there is a power whose magnitude is beyond his comprehension. By comparison, everyone and everything is negligible. He began to ask questions about birth, death and the purpose of life.
He could not find answers for them. So, whatever was beyond his reach and understanding, he attributed to a supreme force. He named this force God.

When men lived in small clusters, each group was led by its strongest man, or the physically strongest. Others in the group acknowledged his strength and feared him. They abided by his orders and respected his ability to protect them.

But as the numbers grew, the rule of the strongest did not work. It was difficult for one man to take control, since an individual's physical prowess is limited. Also, in relation to the number of people, the number of strong people grew.
These had followings of their own, which led to fractions and splinter groups.

For people to stick to some form of unity and maintain standards, fear and respect had to be induced in them.
This could be done only by the idea of a supreme force whose magnitude could never be understood fully. So, there were priests who became the spokerspersons of this force on earth.

In the manner in which they dressed, behaved and spoke, the priests created an aura of mystery around themselves. And when the existence of God was questioned, these selfappointed enforcers of faith countered the skeptics by asking obtusely, “But then who or what runs the world?“ A fear psychosis had to be preserved by maintaining that nonbelievers would be punished But increasingly, this concept of divine punishment was rejected. It was argued that so many criminals and scamsters go unpunished. What the ambassasdors of God were proclaiming was just not convincing. People started thinking again. To prevent such thought, someone had this master stroke: it was declared that there's a heaven and a hell. Heaven is a luxury villa which you can enter if you believe in God, and adhere to the principles of your religion.

To date, all this doesn't convince me that we are governed by a supreme force. That's why I decided to make my heaven here itself and I will take my chances in hell.

Ram Gopal Varma, the ace film director and producer digs into all things good, bad and ugly in real and reel life.


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Shankar K's picture
by Shankar K (not verified) on
Hello Sir, your analysis is excellent, please study our ancient scriptures and provide your thoughts. I believe that our ancient scriptures are made to have harmony and make this earth heaven.
Sandra's picture
by Sandra (not verified) on
Yes,man is bewildered by the sun,moon stars, peacock and human himself. Remember nothing begets nothing.L
lululu's picture
by lululu (not verified) on
kallu teripinchavu babay; now i will go back to work...
Venky 's picture
by Venky (not verified) on
"Fool of an Ass or shallow thinker is thy name - Ram Gopal Verma". It sounds mych better. It very much suits you. You have taken so many movies and still lack the basic thinking. What is an Idea or Concept? A concept is not all time true. It keeps changing with times. God does not change. If you heard of Siva or Vishnu thousand years ago, it is the same Siva or Vishnu now.Have you read Ramayanam, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharatam or Bhagavatam? You just guess in your talk here. Looks like you want to take some crap movie with a name called "Idea" and portray God. It will not be a good IDEA for you. Better read scriptures and then talk with substance.
DoesitMatter's picture
by DoesitMatter (not verified) on
I admired RGV for his creativity and bold cinema themes. Now reading this has further enhanced my admiration. I havent read a more plausible reason for the creation of God. RGV excells once again , this time in writing. Kudos RGV. You are truly original. Cheers!
A Senior's picture
by A Senior (not verified) on
Whoever wanted the writer to worry himself about god only to reject anything about god as something beyond his comprehension ? He could as well stay put like a stone or tree or animal or an unlettered rustic only mindful of his day to day affairs.If his consciousness makes him wonder about the universe and god let him try to enrich his consciousness in order to come to definite views of the issues troubling him. He would do well not to dismiss hurriedly without making genuine efforts to go deep into the matter.Though one could never come to any positive conclusions about god in his life time,the trouble to know what god is may help a peaceful life.
chandrat's picture
by chandrat (not verified) on
If God is an idea, then what are u for us?


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