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Experts laugh off doomsday theory

DC | Amar Tejaswi | 15th Dec 2012

Hyderabad: Many people seem apprehensive that the world will end next week, as predicted by the Mayan calendar, but astronomers rubbish the view. Experts say that there might be a few localised events here and there, but the world will go on.

The US space agency NASA on Friday released a video online titled The World Didn’t End Yesterday, which rubbishes the claim that the world will end on December 21.

The video, meant to be watched on December 22, says the interpretation of the Mayan calendar is wrong.

City-based scientists suggest that the world will remain intact after the much publicised date. Any incident occurring on December 21 should not be linked to the Mayan prediction, they say.

N. Sri Raghunandan, secretary, Planetary Society, India, said, “Things are happening everywhere, but they are all part of the natural process. It would be a lie to say that nothing would happen on the day but nothing extreme will happen.”

Dr B.G. Sidharth, director, Birla Science Centre, trashed the theory.

“It is utter nonsense. There is absolutely no scientific basis or truth in it. It is just being sensationalised,” he said.

Rumours have been circulated which suggest that there would be planetary realignment, galactic realignment or even asteroids hitting the Earth.

“Scientists have listed all the potentially hazardous asteroids for the next fifty years and there is nothing expected now. Supernova explosions are also not expected,” Raghunandan added.


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noni's picture
by noni (not verified) on
No one can predict's always a mystery..doomsday can happen the next second,u never know!!
wtf "experts"'s picture
by wtf "experts" (not verified) on
what about the "whoops missed that one" on the 12th of dec. 2012. we missed a 30 meter (not that big i know, but not that small -.-) asteroid and only had a day and a half heads up. the media didnt even reseale it until 27 hours before it came close. oh and the meteor shower yesterday isnt isolated its continuing for a day or so from debris from another asteroid. also is it just me or is there not a huge influx pof recent near earth objects coming in our near future like oporus of whatever expected in january 21 of 2013 (with a calculated 1/300 chance of coliding (its about 50 meters large idk how wide or relative mass or velocity) and the one thats bigger and meaner coming in feb. 14 of 2013 expected odds of 1/125 of colliding. both of wich have drastically higher odds of colliding than anything in the past 100 years. maybe more. (im only 20 and an amatuer physicist at best) so how boned are we really mister self proclaimed and "award wining(?)" experts. boo to you guys.
Jon Danzig's picture
by Jon Danzig (not verified) on
The predicted world’s end on 21 December is nonsense – but the ‘Millennium Bug’ was not. There’s a difference, and it’s important to the human race that we understand what it is. See my latest blog: ‘Mayan Catastrophe versus Millennium Bug’: Short link:
Nadeem1425's picture
by Nadeem1425 (not verified) on
Dont worry, Isa ibn Mariyam (Jesus) has to return to Earth and rule !!


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