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Season of sequels

DC | Shruti Karthikeyan | 10th Dec 2012

After a gap of 25 years, Malayalam super-hit film New Delhi which pitchforked actor Mammo­otty to fame for his character, GK, is set to see a sequel with the actor playing the lead role.

Jayanan Vincent who cranked the camera for the super hit film turns director for New Delhi 2 and will pen the script with the help of noted scriptwriter, Shankar Ramakrishnan. While the movie will start progressing by the middle of next year, another sequel, Samrajyam II — Son of Alexander, will start rolling from December 12.

Not all sequels in M’town have been impressive; with the last sequel in 2012 — The King & the Commissioner being a dud in the box-office even after bringing in Joseph Alex IAS and Bharath Chandran IPS — two high profile characters in one flick.

Dennis Joseph, scriptwriter of New Delhi, had been approached to write the script for the sequel of the film, but he saw no merit in making a fresh attempt. Says he, “The original movie itself was a tough game, and now the sequel. According to me, the story was over then and there, if I had felt the story was worth a sequel, I would have done it long ago.”

Says cinematographer-turned director Jayanan Vincent: “There is a risk when you take up any film; but, for sequels, it is more, as the expectations are high. In the first part of New Delhi, print media played a pivotal role. Now, it is visual media that is holding sway, and my movie will focus more on visual media, sting operations and the like. The treatment will be completely different due to the technological advancement.”

Most of the Malayalam sequels see only the characters being forwarded and not the entire plot. Then why not create a new character itself? Jayanan replies, “The new character will have to have shades of the old GK. So, it is better to retain the original character itself.”

Even in Samrajyam II, the story will see a new beginning where Unni  Muk­u­ndan plays the lead and ten senior arti­s­t­es incl­u­d­ing Vijay Raghavan, Madhu and Satar playing the same characters as they represented in the first part.

How much of a risk factor is there to bring in sequels that are exceedingly old, and how many of them make it big in the box-office?

Tamil director, Perarasu, who is making the sequel of Samrajyam, is confident that the second part will be a superhit. He says, “As it is a sequel, and it being my first project in Malayalam, there is stiff competition; but I am sure the movie will be a superhit.”

Says Jayanan, who loves to experiment with his movies, “A drawback I see is the generation gap, as those in the age group between 25 and 30 must have been kids, and probably do not remember this film. So, I need to resort to a flashback or a recap to reach out to the audience completely,” adds the filmmaker.

While filmmakers are coming with plots that are too old, the latest buzz in M’town is that Roopesh Peet­h­a­­mbaran is pla­n­ning a sequel of his latest re­le­a­s­e­,­The­e­v­r­am, which will be an investigation thriller itself.


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