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‘Knot’tier by the dozen

DC | Anusha Vincent | 07th Dec 2012

Bengaluru: Getting married on a date like 12.12.12 is a sure-shot way of ensuring he never forgets your wedding anniversary. And there, sure as sunshine, isn’t going to be a 13.13.13. Of course, there is also the sheer fanciness of it all. Reasons enough, apparently, for a number of young couples in the city, who are set to tie the knot on the peculiar date.

It is not just a Bengaluru phenomenon, however. A survey estimated that, globally, ten times as many couples will wed this December 12, as compared to the same date last year. Even in our own city, where stellar and lunar placements are given preference to interesting number patterns, this was one date that just could not be ignored. Prema Latha, a techie, who will get married on that day, says, “Ever since my fiancé proposed, we knew it would be a December wedding because he has many relatives in the US who will be able to come down only this month. So, when we were looking for dates, with the digital calendar in front of us, we noticed this date.

We immediately checked to see if it would be a feasible date, and luckily for us, it was.” She also adds that while their friends think the idea is extremely cool, their parents see it as something of a joke. “They put their foot down when we suggested that the wedding be held at 12 midnight! Everything from the invite to the cocktails has a 12 element,” she reveals.

Of the dozens benefited by this phenomenon are wedding organisers. Shreya Dutta, a wedding planner, admits that while she did get many enquiries for that date, she couldn’t entertain them all, because her diary was already blocked for that day. “As for the wedding I am planning, I must tell you that, apart from it happening to fall on a unique date, the pundit has also apparently told them that it is a very good day to get married.”

Naturally, when the date is this unique, you want to go out of your way to make it even more special. Like, maybe have a destination wedding. Rakesh, a wedding photographer, is excited about having to cover his friend’s wedding in Bali. He says, “It is a special date, and the couple wanted to make the venue special too. I am told the décor and food is going to be 12.12.12-themed; don’t ask me what that entails. It is a Christian wedding and the couple was told that it was the best day of the month for them to wed.”

However, on the other hand, it is interesting to note that the Hindu calendar ends on December 12, which technically means, very few weddings should take place that day. Wedding planner Divya Chauhan says that while she does know of many people who want to have their kids’ birthdays on 12.12.12, she hasn’t had too many enquiries for weddings. “It is only the West that is fascinated with such dates. Here, people are more concerned about the position of the moon and stars,” she points out.


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