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‘Khan’daan in the news!

DC | Reena Kapoor | 07th Dec 2012
Malaika and Arbaaz

Congratulations on  your new innings as a director of Dabangg 2. You must be excited.
I’m making a debut as a director and it feels exactly like how it did when I made a debut as an actor. I’m not nervous but anxious to see the reactions. I have put a lot at stake.

Are you talking about money?
More than money, its my name and Salman’s star value. For a long time now, he has been giving back to back hits. I hope I don’t let him down. That is my biggest worry.

Dabangg, Bodygurd, Dabangg 2 and now Sohail Khan’s next film — it appears like  Salman is now only focusing on films produced by his siblings.
I know people are talking about us keeping him busy round the clock. Honestly, that’s not true. Its just that the last few films that he has done are produced by our family. Salman is capable of turning down a script if doesn’t like it. There is no pressure on him from me, Alvira or Sohail. We don’t keep him busy round the clock. He is free to work with whoever he wants to.

Salman is rumoured to be extremely involved in filmmaking. Did he ever interfere or become intimidating during the making of Dabangg 2?
Not at all. Salman does offer his suggestions But there is never any pressure to incorporate them in the film. On the sets he is an actor and I’m the director. And that’s how it worked all through out the process of the making of Dabangg 2. I’d like to clarify that contrary to the rumours Salman hasn’t ghost directed Dabangg 2.

After many high profile families in the film industry building themselves as a brand, is the Khan family consciously working towards making themselves the biggest brand in the business?
There isn’t any conscious effort. We just go with the flow. I guess people are talking about it now because we are always seen together at various events. And honestly, Salman and the rest of the Khan family had established themselves as a brand years ago. It’s the success of our films that have put us in the spotlight and the media glare. From our father, to Helen aunty and the rest of the family have been involved in various aspect of filmmaking. So, its established that we are one of the biggest brand as a family.

It took a while but looks like Malaika and you are now ready to promote yourself as a couple in the ad world a la, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan or Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan?
For years, I’ve always been extremely shy and low profile. But now I think its about time that both Malaika and I take the center stage. The competition isn’t with Kareena-Saif or any other star couple. But we are now ready to package ourselves as a brand in the ad world. Right now we’ve just done one ‘shave or crave’ brand promotions. But I intend to take up more seriously.


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