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Pak Taliban launches women suicide squad

DC | Shafqat Ali | 06th Dec 2012

Islamabad: The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has launched a women’s suicide squad branded as “Jannati Khaw-ateen (Women of Para-dise)” to carry suicide attacks across Pakistan, intelligence reports said.

“The Jannati Khawateen squad is being supervised by the TTP leader in Mohmand Agency WaliAka Omer Khalid”, a security official said citing intelligence reports.

“Wali-Aka Omar Khalid is training the female bom-bers to launch attacks in various areas of the country”, he said.

The Jannati Khawateen  members will wear burqas but not the kind that is popular in Afghanistan.

“They may also wear Saudi-style ‘abbaya’ so that they could not be suspected as Afghans or Pashtun women”, the official said.

Other sources said that this squad comprising 8-12 women is currently staying with the TTP leader as his family members in Kunar province of Afghanistan while another group of three to four women, who are also ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of religion, had already been sent to Mohmand Agency and Peshawar with specific targets.

The “suicide women’s squad” had been trained to such an extent that they can also operate like commandos and can use machine-guns and hand grenades for carrying out horrible terrorist attacks to accomplish their vicious mission.

This squad of women will be used only in special cases and to attack the difficult or high-value targets, said sources.

Meanwhile, another TTP leader Waliur Rahman is running a squad known as “Jannat Kay Farishtey (Angels of Paradise)” comprising children aged be-tween 11 to 16 years who have been imparted necessary training to attack targets in Pakistan, added sources.

Some of the children had been brainwashed to ‘sacrifice’ their lives for the cause of Islam while few others had been kidnapped, drugged and forced to act against their will.


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