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Clever egg hacks

DC | 06th Dec 2012
The eggs take flavour from the rings.
The eggs take flavour from the rings.

Eggs are the heart of a fulfilling breakfast. But if you are tired of having them scrambled, poached or as masala omelets, here is an ingenious egg snack from music producer and foodie Balasubramaniyam that is sure to impress.

Power your breakfast with 'egg rings' using capsicums, onions, avocados and even the class egg-in-the-hole with bread. They are visually captivating as well as flavoursome.



For Capsicum Rings

2 Eggs
1 Capsicum
Salt and Pepper to taste
Additional herbs or toppings of choice

1. Clean and deseed the capsicum.
2. Cut the capsicum horizontally to make rings.
3. Pre-heat a frying pan with butter on medium temp for 1 minute.
4. Place the capsicum rings on the pan.
5. Break the eggs into the middle of the capsicum rings.
6. Let it cook on a low flame for 2 minutes with the lid on 8.
7. Flip the rings carefully (Don't worry about the spillover of eggs, you can remove it later).
8. Once the eggs are done, season with salt & pepper.
9. Experiment with sage, rosemary, thyme for herb toppings.
10.Enjoy your fancy egg dish.


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