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1st Metro station at Uppal next yr

DC | 03rd Dec 2012
An artist’s impression the Metro rail station at Uppal
An artist’s impression the Metro rail station at Uppal

Hyderabad: The first metro rail station in the city will come up at Uppal. The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) officials have finalised the location and launched the works to complete its construction by the end of 2013.

Each station, 140 m by 20 m in size and designed to accommodate six-coach trains, would cost around Rs 40 crore.

In the first phase, there will be eight metro stations between Nagole and Mettuguda, and in all, 66 stations along the 72-kilometre metro rail project in three corridors.

There will be three joint stations at Ameerpet (corridors I & III), Parade Grounds (corridors II & III) and at MGBS (corridors I & II).

Unlike Delhi and Bengaluru metros, the HMR stations will be completely eco-friendly. They will have natural ventilation and no air-conditioning, and will use solar power.

The other unique feature will be that stations will be of “spine and wing format” resembling a bird and 70 per cent of it will be pre-fabricated. This is to avoid inconvenience to road traffic during the construction period.

The stations are being designed in four categories, 30 m (100 feet), 36 m (120 feet), 45 m (150 feet) and 60 m (200 feet) to avoid additional land acquisition for their construction.

“The metro rail stations will be built as ‘cantilever stations’, perched on only one pillar at the centre, with no side pillars, unlike in Delhi and Bengaluru metros.

It’s  the first time in the country that cantilever elevated stations are being built, a rare engineering feat by L&T’s structural engineers.

The stations will give the look of a global city to Hyderabad,” said N.V.S. Reddy, managing director, HMR.
The stations will be divided into two levels, “concourse” and “platform”.

Passengers’ entry and exit facilities with staircases, escalators and lifts will begin at concourse level which will be at a height of 8 m (26 feet). 


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rammohan uckoo's picture
by rammohan uckoo (not verified) on
I hope the concerns of physically challenged people are taken into consideration while designing the access points for the station. Better be late than NEVER.
Josh Jambon's picture
by Josh Jambon (not verified) on
I am planning a trip to Hyderabad, India with one of my friends who is from India. He talks about Hyderabad very much in positive and negative note. The negative is about traffic, electric and pollution. He also says that it will change as more people get involved in raising their voice. I do love to have the real Hyderabad Biryani.
Matthew's picture
by Matthew (not verified) on
Looks good on inauguration day and from next day metro will look like Monda Market... I would appreciate if its maintained by private organizations.. As we Indians don't respect public properties.
Faisal Mirza's picture
by Faisal Mirza (not verified) on
I hope the group of L&T will take seriously action on concerns of physically challenged people are taken into consideration. They need to improvement in designing for physically people and as well as old citizens.
MD Shaan's picture
by MD Shaan (not verified) on
wowW..!! LookS amaZinG.., i wIsh daT meTro woulD be a hiT.., iF once enTire worK is doNe we guYs donT have 2 faCe anymoRe probLems with tHis damN trafFic.. DespeRAteLy iM waitinG for Metro to LAunch.. \m/ aL d v besT metRo teaM
invest's picture
by invest (not verified) on
This is only an artist's impression!!! Wait and see what comes up after most of the money is siphoned off by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats! What most of you missed is the " natural ventilation and no air-conditioning". I have "zero" expectations so anything that comes up will be a surprise for me!
TG's picture
by TG (not verified) on
Have you ever seen the old architecture of Indian forts? there were no A/C , but the ventilation and the manner in which they were created keep the rooms chilled even better than an A/C. Go visit some of the forts in Rajasthan and you will understand. A/C has nothing to do with cooling.


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