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One Sunday in the dust

DC CORRESPONDENT | 03rd Dec 2012
FAMILY FUN: (Left) Ravi who works as a security administrator at Wells Fargo, with wife Madhu; Srirang Bhushan Gadag, project leader at Microsoft

The outskirts of Hyderabad is a little playground. It’s walled, rocky and looks like it has turned a lot of cars into spare parts.

But that didn’t deter Hyderabadis as several turned up for a ‘first-of-its-kind’, ‘off roading picnic’, organised by Tata motors.

Complete with terrain challenges, safety cars, and rocks, the event was, to many, an eye-opener.

Take the example of Kapila Venkata Bhaskar Rao and his car, which soon saw “modifications”. The brave chartered accountant was all set to brave the trail with his family — wife, two kids, the lot! But his Aria soon got stuck on a rock, only to be winched out.

But there was instant applause from onlookers following the rescue as many praised Rao’s determination, even if his vehicle had to be dragged out. It later emerged that he was warned several times about that particular rock, but he went ahead.

“My car did take a hit but hey, it’s time off for the family. Also, I learnt that my footboard is of absolutely no use. I’m having it removed,” said Rao.
It was a similar experience for Srirang Bhushan Gadag, of Microsoft.

“I needed to know my car. I see so many of these big SUVs on road shere and the only thing they really do is get stuck in traffic. Today, I just went wild. I got up in the morning, woke my wife up, packed some lunch, took the baby and headed out,” said Gadag.

And that’s what participants were discussing during the course briefing —‘This city needs more of this’.

“Look at Hyderabad, there’s absolutely no space. Also, we have these huge cars thrashing about. This event was opportunity. It was free, help was nearby and I hope this is the start of something. Hyderabad needs something new to do over the weekend,” Bharath Kumar, a 24-year-old, (who was recovering from a hangover) said.


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