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Don't need the cash dad

Deccan Chronicle | Barkha Kumari | 02nd Dec 2012
Neha Deshpande: This city model earns between Rs. 8,000-10,000 per assignment
Neha Deshpande: This city model earns between Rs. 8,000-10,000 per assignment

The coolest part-time jobs that will help you ‘stock up’ for those parties coming up.

“It feels great to be financially independent.” - Ankita Partani, Part-Time Dance Instructor

It's that time of the year again, for many.

Those in jobs are asking for leave, those at home are cleaning up and those, still stuck on ‘pocket money’ are looking for ways to ‘get in a bit more’.

Any why not? A round-trip to Goa is around `20,000 and on an average party night, you could expect youth to spend at least `10,000 in just hours.

That's why part-time jobs are picking up, and here's a list of ideas you could try to add some to daddy's offer.

Ankita Partani is the perfect example, to start with.

Shuttling between a course in interior design and a part-time job as a dance instructor, the 20-year commerce student is looking at a windfall of `30,000. And she's spending all that on parties.

“It feels great to be financially independent,” she says. It does, and they're stocking up -obviously, not for the end of the world.

Many teens in the city have stocked up enough to bid an awesome farewell to 2012.

While Ankita will be clubbing with friends and hanging out with the family, the 19-year old part-time model Neha Deshpande will head to Goa with her friends and “buy them very expensive gifts“.

EVEN A CAR for herself.

But before all that, the Badruka College of Commerce student will be busy walking the ramp in Bengaluru, Chennai, Vizag and Vijayawada. And, these assignments are fetching her around `40,000 per month; not to mention the perks of five-star accommodation.

“I have been modeling for the last four years. And I have enough savings now. Can there be any better time to spend money than a New Year?” Then there is also 19-year-old DJ Lil D who, besides coping with St Mary's College, is planning a Sunburn gig. “I would be getting around `30,000 this month. It's quite a good sum for plans,” he says.

Ditto with 18 year-old Keesari Karthik, who makes `30,000 to `40,000 per month promoting city parties.

Now for the heavy-weights.

CEO Saurabh Gupta, (just 19, actually) is also the MD of Kiss Melody productions and is expecting a gala time. With earnings of `50,000 to `2 lakh per assignment, he has bigger plans.

“I will be throwing a private party for celebrities from Mumbai at my club. I can't reveal names but it's big,” says the student at Amity University. Wait, he isn't even old enough to drink.

Crazy parties aside, there are also some who will be helping the poor. Pharmacy grad Ram Krishna will be donating half his income earned as a part-time script-writer, to HIV patients.

“I get anywhere around `10,000 to `22,000 per project. I am earning well, so I wish to do something for the needy. But I like partying too and no New Year is complete without friends, family and food.”


Part-time jobs could affect studies. So, here are some options for those who, well, need to study harder than others. Website development and data “crunching” can earn you `4,000 to `8,000 per month. Also, there are two new jobs on the Internet. One lets you promote events through social media as a “promoter” and the other is about being an executive assistant to CEOs of start-ups. These can bag you `4,000 to `10,000. If you have a flair for writing, get into content writing; and earn `350 to `750 per copy.


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