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Sparkling heirlooms

Rohini Nair | 02nd Dec 2012
Shaheen Abbas and Shabeena Shaikh, Jewellery Designers
Shaheen Abbas and Shabeena Shaikh, Jewellery Designers

Shaheen Abbas and Shabeena Shaikh, Jewellery Designers explain how intricate, exquisite and historically rich baubles can create their own statements.

The “bigness” and “celebration” that Indian jewelry carries is unmatched.

I've always found designs from Cartier and Alexander McQueen beautiful. But, frankly, my inspiration mostly stems from Indian tradi tion. Why look outward when you have such beauty here? From our maharajahs and maharanis, we have it all.

Anamika Khanna and Manish Arora are people whose work I respect.

Their work is origi nal, fearless and heartbreakingly beautiful. Their clothes inspire me to test my boundaries and also to create something breathtaking and spectacular -to make something so beautiful and pure that it makes you want to celebrate.

In my latest collection, I think each piece has a soul. And each piece tells a story. I have been obsessed with making my bank of “New Traditional“ and “Modern Heirloom“ pieces -a marriage of the vintage with cheeky modernism. My creations should bring glamour, fun and elegance to everyday life. Wear the pieces in layers or alone. Look understated or make a statement.

Before I design a piece, I ask myself, would I wear this piece?

Does it speak of me? Does it have a magical ability to transform its wearer, can it add a sparkle to one's life, and does it tell its own story?

I like making pieces that define the “New Traditional”. Pieces which will be heirlooms tomorrow.

As for the edgy pieces that I do, I want people to look back and think, “This girl had a lot of fun designing some awesome pieces.”

Design to me means, an extension of my personality.

Design seeps into so many aspects of my day-to-day life. Tomorrow's style will be yesterday's in a minute, so whatever I do, it has to be close, and true to my heart.

Design is all about expression, and jewellery is one of the oldest forms of expression.

As told to Rohini Nair


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